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two large complex cysts just discovered

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At thanksgiving I found that I have a Bosniak Type II cyst (4cm X 3.5cm) on the upper pole of my right kidney and a much larger Bosniak Type IIF 8.0cm X 6.0 cm complex cyst on the mid pole of the same right kidney. I also hava a smaller Type I (1.5 X 2.0) cyst at the bottom of the right kidney. There are no cysts on my left kidney. I have no symptoms. These were found during an ultra sound for another reason.

My local urologist told me he could only take out the entire kidney and told me to go to the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland OH to see Dr. Kaouk who specializes in robotic partial nephrectomy. I went to Cleveland in early December to see Dr. Kaouk. He told me I had two options; watchful waiting or go in for surgery. I told him I was concerned about the large size of the two complex cysts. I asked him what he would do if it was his kidney and he told me he would operate. So I am scheduled for early February to do a robotic partial nephrectomy of my right kidney.

Anyone else have situations like this? Am I doing the right thing?


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Terry, You just received an Answer from one of the top Kidney Cancer programs in the country. They have a pamphlet i00 Questions and Answers about Kidney Cancer which I obtained for free by reqesting online. They also sponsor a 4th Angel program where you can obtain a personal mentor for free by request. This 4th Angel Program which is out of Cleveland Clinic is available to any cancer patient or caregiver whether at Clevelanc Clinic or anywhere else. The little I have read about Bosnick cysts is that as they grow larger the chances of them becoming Cancer increases and as they grow larger they will become malignant if they are not already. Welcome to our little club. My surgery was on 8.1.02.

Best wishes, Icemantoo

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Thanks, I am new to these discussion boards and just wanted to put my situation out there to see if I was headed in the right direction. I am satisfied with my decision based on what I have heard about the C Clinic and the doctor.

I appreciate your response Icemantoo


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How are you feeling now- have you decided on the surgery? The Bosniak classification can be confusing, esp when it's 11F-111 and the prelim findings are inconclusive. I had a Bosniak 111 tumour removed in Sept (5cm, left kidney) and was given a partial nephrectomy. Luckily for me, the tumour was benign (Metanephric Adenoma, rare but indistinguishable from RCC) but I was so glad to have it removed. I had all kinds of symptoms from the tumour, from polycythemia to pain and skin itching, which have all now largely disappeared. The best thing though was knowing that the beast was out of my body! Once the decision is made it's a bit like boarding an aircraft- you just have to abandon yourself to the skill of the experts (but check their record first!).
Good luck to you!

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