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My Christmas Present

suekgaard's picture
Posts: 29
Joined: May 2010

Last week I had my first PET scan after finishing Chemo and Radiation for Limited SCLC. I wasn't supposed to but I ran into the radiologist when I was there for the test and he said he'd get the results sooner than the oncologist who ordered the test and let me know. Well he was telling the truth and he called yesterday to tell me there was no disease detected and I should have a Merry Christmas. Now today I get to go the the ongologist and see what he has to say ( better be the same thing). Needless to say I'm a happy person and I wish good news like this to everyone. If not this week,then, when the time is right.

Have a blessed holiday everyone, Sue

z's picture
Posts: 1414
Joined: May 2009

Hi Sue,

This is great news, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and what a great way to start. Lori

medi_2's picture
Posts: 510
Joined: Aug 2009

Yahoo! What a present!
All the Best

mamacita5's picture
Posts: 254
Joined: May 2010

The BEST news ever! Relax, and enjoy the holidays.

NayPaul's picture
Posts: 230
Joined: Oct 2010

That is THE gift!

Glenna M's picture
Glenna M
Posts: 1576
Joined: May 2009

Wonderful news Sue!!!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


JohnBinDC's picture
Posts: 91
Joined: Nov 2010

Sue, Thanks fo posting the terrific news! I wish you the very best this holiday season and hope you will have more good news toi share once you post the results of your oncologist visit.

Best wishes always!


stayingcalm's picture
Posts: 656
Joined: Feb 2007

Hope your oncologist concurs, and what a great relief just before the holidays!

Posts: 829
Joined: Aug 2010

Hi Sue,
I'm so happy for you! Hope you keep getting good reports and can lick this disease!
Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy Healthy New Year! God Bless you!

catcon49's picture
Posts: 398
Joined: Aug 2008

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and tons of them.


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