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I need some contact info, please, PM me, I wanna help and have a plan!!!

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Penny sending you some good vbes!

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Thanks! My new "new normal" is up at 6am, shower and breakfast. Catch the shuttle to the hospital at7:45. Hang at the VA w/ Mike, his doctors start parading in around 8:30(its a teaching hospital, so its quite a long parade and the students are quite impressed with his dandelion skin and yellow highlighter eyes) Hospital food for lunch, pt to build muscle mass @ 1:00, then help with shower and get him back into bed at 3:00. He sleeps for an hour, I surf the net or read, dinner tray comes between 4:30-5:00 and the shuttle gets me at 5:30. I scrounge for dinner in the hospitality house pantry, shower, answer the 5-7 vms and the dozen or so snails, update the caringbridge journal and fall asleep with the tv on by 10. If he geths the transplant he'll be at a different hospital and there will be a newer new "new normal"
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