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Going to take a break for a while

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Kerry S
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Guys the damn brain tumor drug Keppra is making me overly sensitive to every thing. I am over reacting to all stimulus to my mind. I simply need to take a break for a while and try to forget about cancer.

I love you all and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I should be back in a few weeks and should know by then what the hell we are going to do with this damn tumor in my head.

Kerry ( old coot that loves you all too much)

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Sometimes there is just too much sadness to let into your soul or brain here, you take your break and take care.


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Just so the break is not too long, ok!

I think of you everytime I see the Geico commercial where the woodchucks are chucking the guy's woodpile into the lake and he drives up on his tractor yelling, you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood. For some reason the guy on the tractor looks like you and I see you yelling about your woodpile.

Take care and come back and let us know what is going on with your brain tumor.

Hugs - Tina

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Merry Christmas to you and your family! Hugs, Cynthia and Rick

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Hope that the break helps.

We will be missing your wit and outlook on things.

Praying for good news on the tumor.

Hugs to you and your scarey old woman.

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for letting us know about the break, otherwise you know we would be worried! I hope you enjoy the holiday season, just don't overdo the cooking! haha

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Kerry, rest and enjoy the season. Look for the Christmas comedy movies and take a drive to see the Christmas lights. Enjoy hot chocolate and some holiday music and all the things you enjoy. Then hurry back to us.


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I completely understand.We love you. Take a good break and come back when you can. We'll be waiting for you.

Have a peaceful, happy holiday season.


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I understand the need for a break but I had to let ya know we'll be waitin' for ya back in here. One more thing, get the Doc and see if he will take ya off the Keppra and try VIMPAT instead. Does the same thing but a hell of a lot less side effects...Keppra will make ya howl at the moon....Love to ya bud...Buzz

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Kerry, we love you too. You come back soon or we'll come looking for ya.


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Take a break,you earned it.Get some rest,enjoy the holidays.Bum around a little bit,and relax.Happy holidays.

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Can perfectly understand taking the break so I'm just hoping that you can clear your head from all this message board. You will be missed, but understand. I'm wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hoping that you feel better soon. Tell the scary old woman she is wished the same and give her a big hug from me. She's got a keeper and so do you :)

Hugs! Kim

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THE biggest side effect from Keppra is what Buzz describes. I was told when they put me on it to look for signs of wanting to kill my husband...someone else..or myself. It is a very mood altering drug. I have been lucky. It has not affected me like that.....HUMMMMMMM.... wait...although I do have quite a beotch attitude at times.....no...been like that since birth! Have a Merry Christmas and luv ya back!!!!


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Ya' see that, Kerry?

See what Jennie said?
"THE biggest side effect from Keppra is what Buzz describes. I was
told when they put me on it to look for signs of wanting to kill
my husband...someone else..or myself. "

When they get you off that stuff, you'll be hunting deer with a
paint-ball gun! POOOOF - SPLAT = ugly purple deer

(get well quick)


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Break away! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Oh, Kerry.

You're my favorite old coot ever! You take care of your dear self and come back to us when you can. I'm quite sure we can trust the scary old woman to take very good care of you! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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Enjoy yourself and enjoy your family over the holidays, sweetie.


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Will miss you, but you gotta do what is best for you! Have a nice Christmas and get the rest you need.

Take Care,


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I'll miss you and your wicked sense of humor. Hugs to "the scary old woman" who is very pretty indeed and to you.

Thanks for the information on the Keppra. You never know when you help someone. Our daughter is on Keppra for seizures and she has limited language so it helps me know what some of her side effects might be.

You're a love. Enjoy Christmas!


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Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Love and hugs to my favourite old coot ;-)

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Take time to enjoy all those little things in your life. Rest easy. See you soon.

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Completely understandable...I slip away myself on occasion...

I am sending wishes for a joyous holiday season for you and yours, dear coot...

HUgs, Kathi

steve g
Posts: 59
Joined: Dec 2008

Kerry; Check out this site, may be something that would offer an alternative. http://www.dca.med.ualberta.ca/ Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and don't give up the fight. Wishing you the best. Steve

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Posts: 484
Joined: Jul 2009

Ditto what Chris said.

today, walking from the bus into my office building, a Cancer Thought blew into my head, I started to tear up and had to get myself under control before I walked to my office.

We love you too Old Coot.
Be Well,



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Posts: 410
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While we will all miss you and your old coot words of wisdom. I totally understand needing a break. We will all be here when you get back. So enjoy the holidays and try and take it easy on the scary old woman, she just loves ya and wants the best for you.


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Tae care of yourself!

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Hope you can take some time away from thinking about this disease. I have been battling it since March and feel like it is in my every thought all the time. It is so draining and emotional torture. Enjoy your break and focus on all the great things in your life.

Take care,

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Joined: Nov 2010

Kerry, here's to you and the break. I hope you are enjoying the season of hope and miracles. Take care and we will be looking for you soon. Hugs, Joyce

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Joined: Jul 2008

Take care of yourself Kerry and your lovely "scary old woman" :)
Talk to your dr. about the medicine side effects- maybe Clift's advice about switching to a different med that he mentioned is worth looking into asap.
Blessings to you- we'll look forward to hearing from you again when you're up to it!


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Kerry I hope you will find some peace during your break and the doctors will get the brain tumor under control with the Keppra drug. I pray you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and here is to a great 2011

Bobby in Dallas

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Kerry, take all the time you need. We will be hear anxious to hear from you when you are ready. You are in my prayers. Jean

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