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Surgery completed

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Am I a club member yet??

Just an update. I had surgery on Dec. 15. Was kept in hospital an extra day due to excessive drainage. Had drainage tube removed yesterday, Dec. 20. Its amazing how having the tube removed makes you feel better. Hopefully I will have the pathology report this Thursday and everything will be OK. Pre-opt staging suggested possibility of extra prostatic extension and the surgeon remove a wider area around the prostate. Two nodes were biopsied and were not cancerous.

Only two complaints so far: lack of bowel movement (yes I'm walking a lot) and the tip of my penis sometimes is sensitive to the cathedra when moving or walking.

I'll post when I know more.

The best part is the support I am receiving from my family and friends. We don't realize how many people's lives we as individual are involved in and how we impact each other. I've luckily have always been the one to help others and now I am on the receiving end of it. It is a humbling and amazing experience.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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Welcome to the cancer survivors Club! Glad all is going well for you.
For the cath tube at the end of the penis...use lots and lots of neosporin ointment. It helps tremendously!

Let us know your path report when you get it back and continue to heal!


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Glad its over Wil. Hope all the tests come back good. Merry xmas.

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Will - Glad things are getting better. Every day will be a better day and every week will be a better week. Your perspective and priorities are likely to change due this experience..all for the better.

Hang in there and enjoy the holidays

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know how you are feeling with post surgery. it gets better each day esp. when you get your catheter out. mine was in for 22 days and it was by far the worst part for me. hang in there buddy.

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good luck ,and thanks for the post , I am 47 years old 3+4 gleason score 12.6 psa

and will be at sloan tomorrow jan4 , I am waiting on the phone call to tell me what time the surgery will be .

GOD Bless

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