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All I want for Christmas

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is a clean PET Scan. I am scheduled for a scan tomorrow morning. Originally scheduled for the 29th but conflict with the Onc's schedule resulted in moving it up. As I am sure you can all relate...scanxiety has set in. Thank goodness Christmas preparations are keeping me from being able to obsess about it too much. You know my motto is "it is what it is" but I am praying that what "it is" is "nothing"!!! I'll get the results tomorrow afternoon.

Mindful of all my blessings,

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your wish will come true! I will do a scan and scope in Jan so I understand your anxiety. All the best to you!

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Hoping that all is well with your results.

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Hi Joanne!

I send my best wishes to you for a clean scan. I will have you on my mind tomorrow and hope that you'll let us know the good news. I just feel that everything is going to be good for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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We'll be waiting!!! My wine glass will be filled and ready to TOAST YOU !!!!

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I BELIEVE that you already know this too, Joanne:)

Still....I want to hear the good news anyway!

And hello to Sue Relays as well...

Best wishes for a nice holiday season for the both of you - and also to all the folks on your board, you guys deserve it.


-Santa Craig

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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you get your Christmas Present! I feel too that you will.


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This may be your blessing in disguise, get the scan over with before Christmas and then you will have eeven more to celebrate.
Best Wishes,
p.s. Sue's idea of celebrating your clean results with wine sounds lovely, keep me posted and Ill try not to get toasted!

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As always, you are in my prayers and I anxiously await the all clear news!


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Joanne you look wonderful!!!!


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Hi Joanne,

I will have you in my thoughts and prayers that everything will be just fine. I think we know if something is not right. My next ct for the lungs is 1-17, so of course I can relate. I will be waiting for your good news. Lori

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Lots of Prayers sent your way Joanne. It's especially hard thing to deal with during the holidays. Keep us posted.

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Fran Chandler
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Hi Joan,
I have had some downs, but hope for some ups to come sometime. Went from Kidney cancer to bladder cancer and not sure what will be next. I am so glad to see you looking and sounding so well all thru all this. We met at Moffitt in 2009 and will never forget your sweet smile and your encouragement when we met. You gave me this web site. I have had quite a few problems, but I am hoping they will start to get better. Are you still going to Tampa? Take care, God has you here to help others. You are a great person and one needed here and I am so glad that things are going so well even tho I know it is not easy for you to go thru. Keep up doing so well.

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