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Caught a Cold

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First cold I caught since my cancer, I was taken the new advil congestion and chest cough syrup to break up any mucus, using only the half of my throat, it was a really weak and raspy cough, now has gotten more pronouced and turned sore, I got 2 hours of sleep last night, I was afraid my airwave would close and I would die...The Doc just told me to be very cautious when I got a cold, I do have the humidfier going, the noises I hear from throat and nose, sounds like a moose in heat, am I doing everything right, I know its a cold with a cough, but has gotten very sore now, it can't be a reaccurance....Dennis, See Doc end of this month

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Hi Dennis, sorry you have to deal with a cold along with recovery. I'll tell you what you already know. If it gets much worse, then push for a doctor visit in the next couple of days. I know your throat has been through the mill, and that and a standard variety cold, could certainly account for your symptoms. I'm hoping you feel an improvment tomorrow.

best, Hal

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dennis I had my first cold couple weeks back and I was flipping out because I feared that my cancer would come back but I took new advil congestion also and took vitamin c 1000mg once a day and drink water like it was going out of style I also kept on blowing my nose to clear out any mucus. I was over my cold within 3 days.

Keep up the battle there my friend by taking vitamin c 1000mg and advil and alots alots of water.

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When I feel like I am getting a cold or even getting sick with anything I start to take 3000mg of vitamin C. I also rinse my nasal passageway out two or three times a day using NeiMed Sinus Rinse. I to am afraid of my air way closing off and not being able to breed, just make sure your doc knows you have a clod and that you have his emergency contact numbers

All the best to you my friend

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My family doctor is the one who found my cancer during a routine exam and I can get in on pretty much any day I want. If you have a similar situation why not make an appointment with him/her. They diagnose colds all day long, can give you something stronger, and put your mind at ease.

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