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Rising CEA Levels

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I was dx with colorectal cancer with liver mets. in 2007. I've had 2 types of chemo treatments, and 3 surgeries. One year after my last surgery my CEA levels began to rise. At first they were slowly rising but recently (within the last 4 months) they have been rising quickly and are now at 180. There is no evidence of disease other than these rising CEA levels and my health is good. My oncologist is not suggesting any treatment since the PET scans to do not show any change over the last 2 years. I do have a lot of scar tissue from all of the radiation treatments. Anyone have any suggestions or similar issues?

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Are you going to have a colonoscopy?


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I'm not scheduled for once since I have just had a PET Scan and have a colostomy

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They still do a colonoscopy with a colostomy. If you still have
a stub remaining, a check inside would be in order also.

CT and PET scans will not identify what a good scope will.
If you didn't have a rising CEA, it would be different, but with
that considered, why set aside a simple thing like a colonoscopy?

If you haven't considered seeing another colorectal surgeon for
another opinion, you really oughta'. Most all good physicians
welcome second and third opinions. It's another way for them to
learn of new procedures, etc.

If it's worrying you, get it checked out,

Best wishes,


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