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One year ago

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Last year on December 18 I got the news that I was now part of the "you have cancer" club. As clubs go, you all are a pretty nice bunch...and extremely helpful. I am lucky to have found this board, if unlucky to have joined the club.
Well, last Saturday I marked my new birthday by going to Disneyland with the extended family. It rained the whole time, but was truly a wonderful day. My grandaughter got to meet Tinkerbell, and I splashed in a few puddles just for the heck of it.
One year,
3 rounds of chemo,
35 radiation blasts,
a partial neck dissection,
complete loss of taste,
major difficulties swallowing,
Pain meds galore (I am no hero)
gallons of magic mouthwash,
a PEG in,
then a peg out (youch!),
a thousand needle sticks
a million trips to doctors of all shapes, sizes and specialities,
a couple trips to the ER
tingling feet,
ringing in my ears (accompanied by a strange chiming sound that comes randomly)
and on and on...
That is just the physical stuff...don't get me started on the emotional/mental "fun and games."

BUT, things are slowly getting better
day by day
NED is my new friend,
I got to walk around Disneyland in the rain and to see a two year old meet Tinkerbell.

Take that, cancer!

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in a Fantastic life. Thank you for sharing. - Judy

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Thank you for sharing that wonderful post.

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Hi Dave, thanks for that post. From what you list, we've been on the same hike for about the same period. I tip my hat to you, and celebrate with you.


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A friend of mine here at work celebrates his "second birthday". He was 9 last Monday. That's the day of his car accident (t-boned in the driver's side of his Corvette by a drunk driver doing 70+). He "died" in the ambulance for 2 minutes and came back. Then he "died" again in the operating room for 6 minutes, to which they called it, packed up, left and the last nurse remaining noticed him come back again. Yes, they told his wife he was gone and then had to race back in and tell her that he had come back.

I think it's a great idea and will be celebrating December 6th as my second birthday. The day I got official word from my Oncologist that I was NED.


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Just goes to show you that there is life after Cancer.

Take care and keep posting

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What a great attitude!! Loved this post and glad to see you back posting, it's been a awhile.

Happy Holidays!


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Your post sounds just like where I was a year ago. I had pretty much the same treatment as you, but now I'm 26 months out.
For me, one year out was a vast improvement but two years out is even better. I'm looking forward to years three, and four, and five ...
Congratulations, brother. May it just keep getting better for you, too.

--Jim in Delaware

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