Wishing all a Peaceful Week.....

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Hey gang, I pop in and see how you all are doing often, but spend most of my time on grief/emotional support boards lately. (or somewhere lost in my head.....getting use to the voices of insanity)

Enjoy the holidays the best you can while walking this journey, the paths are different, but the walk is similar.

Be good to yourselves....


  • 3Mana
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    Thinking of you too!
    Hi Elysia,
    Hope you can enjoy the holidays a little this year. Guess we have to remember all the happy times of past Christmas"s right?? We'll make it even though it's going to take time. Like I said in one of my other posts, I have a peaceful feeling the past 2 weeks and feel that it might be "Tom" helping me make it through these rough times of the holidays.
    Take care!! I look out my window at night & see a bright star & think Tom, is now an angel shining so I can see him. "Carole"
  • Glenna M
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    Wishing you peace for the holiday season. I can only imagine how hard these first holidays will be for you and your family this year so I won't pretend to know your pain. I can only say that I am sending you hugs and positive thoughts.

    My best to you and your family,