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To Susafina

hopeful girl 1
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Happy holidays.

Just curious.....I know you mentioned you are still waiting on your hemoglobin number to go up. What is your neutrophil count and WBC? Mine are so slow to come back.

I go for another bloodtest this week.

Sorry to hear your neuropathy is bothering you-I guess it just takes time.
I have alittle bit of an issue with my feet and hands. If I have been off my feet
it hurts my feet and ankles when I start walking. And after the 6th chemo my palms of my hands felt wierd and still do alittle, altho' I think that has been getting alittle bit better.

How is everything else going? Do you work full time?



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Hi Cindy,
My white is slowly coming back up. It is 4.9 with a absolute neutrofil count of 4.3. I tried to work throughout treatment. I am lucky because I work 12 hours so it is 3 days a week. I took off on chemo days which was wed. I had off thurs through sunday. Usually by Monday I felt better. The craziest thing is that now I feel kind of crumby with the neuropathy, I was better during treatment. I continue to work now although it is hard. I use vacation days sometimes.
I am so sorry that you got let go. May I ask what do you do? It really annoys me sometimes people employers included just do not understand what we go through. Just concentrate on getting better and stronger and enjoy the holidays.

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010


Wow your white count and neutrophils are great.

I am feeling like I am catching a cold as of yesterday and when I woke up my throat was alittle sore, so I hope that my neutrophils are still going up. As of Monday they were 1,700......hopefully that's enough to fight this off.

Did you see my post about the thyroid nodules? I am really worried about that.

It has been a tough week for me. I had been feeling uplifted, as I thought I was just about ready to be released to return to work, and try to return to alittle more normalcy, and then I received the termination news on Tuesday, and my thyroid ultrasound showed the two predominantly solid nodules on Wednesday.

I am hoping that whatever test is next for the nodules (probably needle biopsy) will be benign, and that I can apply for my position, and be re-hired at my employer.

I hope you have a good holiday.


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