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burning/urine/blood/skin cracking/cleaning pads?

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Ok Comrades, need your help. My sis is now dripping urine with a little blood & skin cracking which I presume is normal since she's starting her 6th week. My question is she's allergic to Vit. D which is in the aloe wipes. Do you have any recommendations for wipes versus toilet paper? She sees her doc tomorrow. Any recommendations of cream that worked for you or any advice at all for the burning?

Thanks so much.

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If I used any wipes it was the hypoallergenic ones, I think it was Wet Ones. Honestly though I wasnt wiping much I used the water bottle to squirt the urine away and then patted dry with thicker toilet paper, Charmin was the best for me.

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Your sister should ask the dr for silverdyne cream specifically for burns. She could use sensitive baby wipes, no perfumes or alcohol. I used the water bottle and patted dry, do not rub as the skin will break down more. I hope her dr will recommend some creams for relief, I used bag balm (used on cow utters) given to me by my radiologist. I remember how painful it gets, but as soon as tx stops the healing will begin. I wish you and your sister well. Lori

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I always used Cottonelle Fresh wipes which have no perfumes nor vitamin D in them. I was given an cream to use and believe it was Silverdyne cream. I would however mention the blood in the urine, as it is not uncommon for a UTI from the radiation. I know I got one towards the end when they really gave me the hard radiation. The Silverdyne cream and sitz baths will do wonders though for the cracking skin and burn.

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Towards the end of my treatment, I took off my bottoms and just stood in the tub with a hand-held showerhead. The urine would burn so much on the open sores. I would urinate standing up with the showerhead spraying and it would dilute the urine at the same time. I'm probably not coordinated enough to use just the water spray bottle. Then I would just pat dry with a soft towel. This whole process would take about 5-10 minutes, but that is the only thing that worked for me during the last part of treatment.

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I find that lidocaine ointment (which burns at first and then numbs) and pure aloe gel give me the most relief.
Hopes this helps, love

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My doc told me to stop using ANY kind of wipe and gave me a squirt bottle, similar to those used by new moms. It's been 1 1/2 years since radiation and I still use the squirt bottle (but now also toilet paper). A hand held shower head is tops. Good luck!

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