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My Christmas Wish

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Joined: Jun 2010

In addition to limiting my typos on my blackberry I wish I could

Take away the suffering of your loved ones and provide healing
Renew your spirits and make you laugh again
Secure your finances
Give you help where you need it
Give you the time for yourself that you really deserve
Restore your lives to the old normal

Luv you guys and hang in there!

mswijiknyc's picture
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Joined: Oct 2010

i wish i could be the one thats sick instead of my husband. its stupid, but i cant stand seeing him like this

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Joined: Oct 2010

Wishing you were sick instead of your husband is not a stupid wish. I know that because I feel the exact same way. My husband was diagnosed with stage IV gastric cancer with mets to the bones on 6/21/10. His first Oncologist gave him no hope; we fired him. We know the odds stink (3% survival rate past 6 months), but his current Oncologist plus the same second opinion from Sloan (both believe that he can be a survivor) keep us moving forward. I hate seeing him so sick as we were always very active (ski, cycle, etc.). I truly believe it would be easier on me if I were sick than to see him suffer like this. I understand!!!!

mr steve
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The wish I would like to have after everyone here is cured and happy and healthy is to be one of the secret santas that give out $100 dollar bills to needy people. just to able to pay forward all of the gifts that were and still are being given to my wife and I.
Marry Christmas all...

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I am getting my wish. I'm now in the Atlanta airport on my way home after 3 weeks on duty with Mom. Pinch me, is it really true? Eight whole days of living only one life? I'm as excited as a 6-year-old on Christmas eve, just had to share my joy.

I wish I had more time and money to share, too. But then it's never too late when you're open to miracles.

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Hugs and best wishes all......we will get through.


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A cure of cancer is finally discovered in the year of 2011

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I too wish for a cure for cancer and QUICK
I also wish that all the loving caring people here recieve back all the love they give
Otherwise, Im currently getting my wish as my mom hasnt been in any pain her fentynal patch couldnt handle for a few days and she is now starting to get around better again :) It is a reprieve and a miracle because she was too sick to do the colonoscopy but yet she is improving leaps and bounds everyday right now.

Posts: 221
Joined: Oct 2010

is that they quickly find an inhibitor that works to destroy all cancers and give back good health to those who are fighting the battle!!!!

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