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Easy to swallow holiday.

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Since I would like to eat with the family for the holiday, and after Thanksgiving I realized if I want something I can eat and swallow I best bring it up there myself. I am trolling the Internet for ideas and I came across this site which might be beneficial to those of us with swallowing issues.


I haven't read thru all the recipes yet but I was going to see if there was one with pumpkin that caught my eye. So far I'm going to make a vegetable stuffing bake and a mushroom spinach quiche. Both should slide down with relative ease.

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thanks for the tip,
I think I will do the Bananas with Ice-cream & Chocolate Topping

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Hi Sweet, hope you find something that fits the season and the swallowing. I thought of quiche recently and bought one from the store. The one I bought though was full of stuff, ham, something red, etc., looked like confetti, so I think I'll make one, a basic cheese and chopped spinach. Yes, I hope with you that your relatives make swallowing easy for the holiday meal. Those gatherings can be a bit challenging sometimes. (Ha)


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I got my spinach for my quiche. I couldn't swallow the store bought one I got a while back. Too chunky. The one I make is crustless and I suppose it's really not a quiche. It's a version I make of one of the bisquick impossible pies. Green Giant veggies were on sale for 10 / $10. I am set for a while.

I also bought a pumpkin roll. Lol. I figure two things are enough for me to make. I'm lazy. Now if I can just get the relatives to behave I'm good. I suppose they cannot eat if I duct tape their mouths closed.....

I may need to numb my tongue and drink mud slides to cope. *sigh*

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