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As expected, 2nd opinion raised more confusion !!

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Well, to summarize in short...

1. Finished 1st-line treatment, I am in-operable, original Onc after reading latest PET says we need a new PET in 3 Mo. due to too close to end of chemo to accurately interpet hot spots.
Pulminary Doc says he wants a biopsy of the right lower lobe as something is in there now, but presumed to be non-cancerous (why Onc missed it I do not know, I have seen PET myself and it is quite clear).

2. 2nd opinion folks are not worried about the lower lobe, but want to do a biopsy on the lymph nodes, If still cancerous, they will remove with surgery the 4 or 5 nodes and probably upper right lobe as main tumor has shrunk.

So each institution is looking at this totally different!!! and both are among the best in Michigan.

Here is what I would like to do, jump ship to 2nd opinion folks, but continue with 1st pulminary Doc to find out about lower lobe, although it will require two biopsies within a week or so apart because each institution have different ideas.

What do you think ? !!!!!!!


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I would choose the surgeon you like, respect, and want to go with the most . Then I would voice my concerns. Tell the doctor what the other folks wanted to do and hear him out on what he thinks of doing the two biosies so close together. There is probably a why and why not. Doctors want patients to be happy, but they also want them well. You want to know what's in there and how to treat it best. You definately don't want to put your health in any danger by over-medicating or over-treating something. When I had something in my middle right lobe, I needed a surgical biopsy to determine whether it was lung cancer, breast cancer in the lung, or something else. Naturally I wanted it to be something else, but it turned out to be adenocarcinoma (cancer). The doctor called for my slides from my previous breast cancer, decided it looked exactly the same, and backed out thinking I had stage 4 breast cancer. I left the hospital thinking chemo was in store for me. Futher testing determined it was actually lung cancer, stage 1, so he had to go back in within a few days and remove the middle lobe where the spot was located. No problem for him, but having two procedures within such a short amount of time made it more than a double whammy for me. I was on my feet within days after the first procedure and recall jogging around the track before the second surgery. After the second surgery I wasn't able to get around for much longer. It was weeks before I felt like walking around the track, much less jogging. The nurses told me it was because the procedures were so close together. My body hadn't cleared all the drugs from the first operation when they hit me with more. It was necessary in my case, but it wasn't a joy ride.

Your situation is unique to you. Needle biopsies require different drugs than surgical ones. But you still want only one expert working on you. That way the expert in charge knows exactly what he or she is dealing with and what to do if your response to treatment is at all compromised by having so many procedures close together. He will be alert to infection possibilities or the possibility of a collapsed lung and what course of action to take to keep you breathing.

The saying "too many cooks spoil the broth" comes to mind. So go with your favorite doctor and talk to him until you are both comfortable with your plan. Good luck!

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I think you need a 3rd opinion, some thing doesn't sound right. Dan

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I agree with Dan, something isn't right. If there is an issue in the lower lobe and the upper, then my understanding is it will be treated with chemo. But they need to determine whats in the lower lobe, and if its just inflammation and the only place the cancer is, is in the upper and none in the lymph nodes, then you could have the upper removed. I had a primary cancer in my lower right lobe only and was able to have the vats procedure to remove it. I think you should have total understanding of the treatment plan, and maybe a 3rd opinion is in order out of the circle of drs you are seeing now. I hope you will get some clear answers soon. Lori

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Thankyou folks, I am trying to get it cleared up today between the two Doc's !


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