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radiation side effects

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Well my ct scan came back good yeah for that but my lung doc said that i have copd now from the radiation treatments.you know I thought went I got cancer that I would take my treatments and everything would be ok, and for the most part it is, but i have been having other problems due to the treatments ,I guess im trying to get over the cure,I don'y mean to complain cause I have been really lucky and blessed but i think i getting wore down. im only 39 but feel alot older. merry christmas everyone and god bless you all.

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I concluded all my treatments this past August -- surgical biopsy - chemo - surgery and removal of upper left lobe -- 5+ weeks of radiaton and 5 more treatments of chemo --- I had to stop the radiation for a week due to burns --- my last scans show no sighns of cancer -- starting in September I started coughing and thought it was a cold --- nope -- one more ct scan --- all clear but I am now on prednisone treatment to handle the cough -- hope to be off those suckers soon -- can't sleep and have gained about 6 lbs ---- but I am assured all will go away - with time. My oncologist told me the radiation might kick my tail --- and he was right! Just had surgery on occluded cartoid artery - I have an occluded cartoid artery -- have had for years but if had not been for the "routine" CT scan --- well, we'd be painting a differt picture. Best to all --- we're thinking of each other!

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