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Of interest ?

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Of interest ?

During research of a matter not related to cancer, or TCM, or
anything related cancer-wise, I stumbled upon the following
web sites. I found the topic so interesting, I felt compelled
to share it....

What is MSG?

Names of ingredients that contain processed free glutamic acid (MSG)

Since I've been suffering continual partial (and temporary complete)
intestinal blockages from the adhesions and hernias caused by
abdominal surgery, I've been living on soup broth from cans of
great Campbell's soups. I strain the soup, and just drink the broth...

Anyway.... for the past couple of weeks, I have become more
and more depressed, to the point of not particularly caring if
I continue living or not.

For the past two days, no soup... no nuttin', actually.. I had to
get an upper GI, with the barium, etc., to try to locate where
the obstruction is (after all that, they still don't know). But hey,
I'm not (as) depressed.

Tonight (12-18-10) I had a can of Campbells soup. And
shortly after having it, I felt depression and anxiety coming on.

The damned soup, every lousy, stinking, rotten can of soup,
of every brand I have (not just Campbells), contains MSG.

And since the can is for "two servings" and I'm drinking the
entire thing myself, the numbers are doubled.

The FDA allows MSG to be called many things, most that are
as innocuous as "corn sugar" (the new FDA approved name for
High Fructose).

Once again, the industry has won, as it has won in the past,
and as it will continue to win, as long as lobbyists have a place
in politics, and as long as greed permeates our political powers.

I'm disgusted; Slightly depressed, but I'll get over that.

Better health to all.


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Try some of the organic soups that are found at the local Whole Foods or major chain grocery store. The ones I find the best are the soups by Wolfgang Puck.

Happy Holidays!


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Hi Joe..

Wolfgang Puck, Organic Soup, Chicken with Egg Noodles, 14.5 oz

Organic Chicken Stock (Water, Chicken Meat and Natural Juices,
Salt, Cane Sugar, Maltodextrin, Natural Flavor, Dried Onion and
Potato Starch, Dried Garlic, Turmeric and Spice Extractives),
Organic Cooked Chicken Meat, Organic Celery, Organic Onions,
Organic Carrots, Organic Egg Noodle (Semolina Flour, Whole Egg
Powder, Egg White Powder), Organic Potato Starch
Wolfgang Puck Organic Thick Hearty Vegetable Soup, 14.5-Ounce Can
Organic Vegetable Stock (Water, Vegetable [Certified Organic
Ingredient] and Concentrated Vegetables [Certified Organic
Ingredient] (Carrots [Certified Organic Ingredient], Celery
[Certified Organic Ingredient], Onions [Certified Organic
Ingredient], Tomato [Certified Organic Ingredient]), Salt,
Autolyzed Yeast Paste [Certified Organic Ingredient], Cane Sugar
[Certified Organic Ingredient], Soy Sauce [Certified Organic
Ingredient] (Water, Soybean [Certified Organic Ingredient], Salt,
Alcohol [Certified Organic Ingredient]), Maltodextrin [Certified
Organic Ingredient], Natural Flavor, Potato Starch [Certified
Organic Ingredient], Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Dried Onion
[Certified Organic Ingredient], Dried Garlic [Certified Organic
Ingredient], Spice [Certified Organic Ingredient]), Organic
Tomatoes (Tomatoes [Certified Organic Ingredient], Tomato Juice
[Certified Organic Ingredient], Calcium Chloride and Citric
Acid), Organic Roasted Potatoes (Potatoes, Calcium Chloride),
Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Organic Green Beans, Organic
Onions, Organic Cabbage, Organic Corn, Organic Peas, Organic
Butter (Cream [Certified Organic Ingredient], Natural Salt),
Organic Potato Starch

I "bold-typed" the ones that are MSG (I may have missed a few).

Another list of MSG's FDA approved names, is here:
Hidden Names for MSG

It's a real sad state of affairs, Joe. As long as the FDA is in the
corporate pocket, our foods and medicines are not safe.

The lobbyists have pushed for ways around the stigma attached to
the toxins, and can now call them anything they feel like. As a
customer, there really isn't too much we can do. They've managed
to disguise toxins well enough, that we're willing to spend bigger
bucks for items that use words in labeling that elude discovery
of the true contents.

Oh well. What does "Wolfgang" care? He's got the cash.

Thanks, and better health!


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Interesting..... Thanks for the info. Wife struggles with MSG as well and guess I wasn't doing as well as I thought.

Thanks again!

Happy Holidays.


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Thanks John. This is great information to have.
We buy a brand of broth called Pacific Foods. I've been looking at their web site and I'm pretty disappointed to learn that some of their soups and broths contain items on the list of hidden MSG sources that you provided. The good news is that some of the broths do not contain msg. Also, the web site lists all of the ingredients, which most sites don't. They also address the msg issue on the web site. Take a look and let me know what you think.



(sorry I don't know how to make a link.)

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Roger -

Pacific brand Beef Stock:
Beef stock (water, beef stock powder)
Beef extract
Autolyzed yeast extract
Sea salt
Garlic powder
Low-Sodium Beef Broth
Organic beef stock (water, organic beef)
Organic evaporated cane juice
Organic onion powder
Autolyzed yeast extract
Organic garlic powder
Sea salt
Organic caramel color
Organic black pepper

That "Autolyzed yeast" is the bugaboo. The other veggie and
chicken ones might be OK, tho.

Every one of them has the word "flavors" in the ingredients,
and that usually means the same thing as MSG. I guess if
you don't cry in your soup, it's ok? I hate salty soup anyway.



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Even after becoming a label reader, you still have to wonder what the heck is in what we are eating.

A little off subject, but I have heard several TV ads recently for meds for other ailments, and when they get to the part about potential side effects, they off-handedly say might cause cancer! What is up with that? Who wants to relieve pain or fix some other non-deadly ailment and get cancer from the meds?

It boggles the mind.


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Been thinking about you the last couple of days. Hoping you find some relief soon.
But, here we go, when the soups that are canned fail you, then it's time to look at making your own. They taste delicious, you get to pick the ingredients. I love my tomato and chicken soups. They taste great and I know what is in there. I know it isn't easy to stand around the kitchen making them, but you can make a huge batch, and freeze. I just made turkey soup out of my left over turkey. Nothing canned added, all fresh products. I ladle it into containers and then freeze it. I know it isn't as instant to reheat, has to be slowly simmered back to life, but no MSG, or other added products that you don't know what they contain.
Hoping for your better health.
Winter Marie

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Didn't realize you were struggling so with eating and that can obviously cause some big issues. You can't eat anything other than soup? Feel so bad for you. My goodness John, can't you get a surgeon to help you. You can't live on broth alone. Can't blame you for being depressed if that's all you could eat was soup. Talk to your surgeon and please get some help. Golly geez wiz wish you could get better soon. You always give such great advice. Look forward to all your posts.


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Dang John........ Hate to hear about this stuff going on with you. I'm thinking on the same lines as Kim...can't something surgically be done to remedy this problem? Are you saying MSG in foods make you depressed? And I don't get why all you can eat is soup??? I never hear you complain about physical issues so this concerns me John. Please keep us updated on your course of action.


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I am so sorry about your troubles. I have read you mention these problems before. I can relate as I too am dealing with a peristomal hernia that if I put anything solid into my system will swell up and cause such pain that it looks like I'm a good 5 months pregnant on just one side of my stomach. I am also dealing with adhesions and can feel everything that inches its way through my intestines and it feels like cats are clawing my insides. I get so disgusted with it all too. Everyone keeps telling me to eat but, eating causes such pain that I've gone to mostly protien drinks and soup broths too. Sometimes I mess up and eat something solid and I really pay for it.

Why don't you try getting chicken or beef at the store and cook it with just some garlic, salt and pepper in a good amount of water. Throw some veggies in for extra nutrients. That's what I do. That way if you strain out the solids and have just the broth, you know exactly what's in it and don't have to deal with those damn additives. I've also found that if I really cook the heck out of everything and keep adding water, I can get the solids down to semi-solids and still get the vitamins. It's a little more filling without being to intolerable.

I hope you are feeling better soon. I will send out some good vibes and best wishes. I so can relate.

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I know some people who have kidney disease at varying stages from sigfificant loss of functionality (80% loss) including dialysis and many are told to avoid if possible or minimize intake of sodium/salt. Many of these people find it almost impossible to eat anything that does not have salt/sodium. Not sure if MSG falls in the same category.

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Thanks for the concern! For what most of you guys are going
through, this is a cake-walk, really.

Adhesions and hernias are common with any abdominal surgery.
Most people never know about this stuff, so I guess we're
kinda' special.

After four years of absolutely no problems with digestion,
other than an overactive ileostomy, I start having this garbage.

From what I've learned, adhesions can grow over time, and
start restricting areas of intestines that they didn't before.

Likewise, hernias can form, and get worse over time. Age,
exercise, or the lack of, or a simple cough or sneeze, or just
getting out of bed in the morning, can do the trick. It just happens.

So Kerry, wherever you are, take it easy with the log splitting
and stacking.

They don't, and usually won't, do surgery for a partial restriction.
They wait until it's absolutely necessary, since surgery will only
cause more adhesions and hernias. The surgeon I now have,
was chief of staff, and taught Laparoscopic surgery. Even
Laparoscopic surgery causes adhesions and hernias, but the
scars outside are smaller.

There's no easy fix for this crapola. I'm on a self-induced diet,
only because I can't stand the thought of another night of hanging
onto the toilet, heaving the night away. The bloating pain is
incredible; you feel like you're going to explode. And they told me
of cases where the intestines did tear apart from the pressure.
So yeah.... I get concerned.

Now, I did have a nice steak sandwich one afternoon, and a
Salisbury steak on another afternoon, and I eat eggs... I can
actually have anything that digests easily, like meat. but I can't
have fiber, or anything that doesn't disintegrate in the digestive
tract. Well.... I could, but it ain't gonna' be pleasant.

I've lost some weight, and that's a good thing, but my last blood
tests were the first of four year's worth that didn't look so good.
My blood's down, and I'm anemic. Probably from not eating all
the garbage I've been eating prior to this partial blockage. It's hard
to force yourself to eat, when you worry about pain from eating.
I can't help it, I'm a wimp. A hungry wimp, but a wimp none-the-less.

Winter-Marie's promised me she'll get better and give me her recipes
for her soup as soon as she gets out and about. In the meantime,
my wife will work up some soup from scratch; she's good at that.

Nourishment is where you find it. I miss my White Castles, but
the onions and pickles would kill me.

Thanks for caring, guys!

Best wishes to ya'll!


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Hi John

I've had one intestinal blockage so far, with a stay in the hospital and a couple days with the ng tube. not fun.

A couple questions:

1. When you get a blockage, do you now wait it out at home? Any effective home techniques?

2. There is an organization (Clear Passage Physical Therapy) that advertises a physical therapy method for obstructions of the small intestine (the Wurn Technique); they claim it has been "proven successful" in eliminating or reducing adhesions. They are based in Florida, and I don't know how much it cost or if insurance covers it. More importantly, I have no idea if it really works. Do you know anything about this group?


I have enjoyed and learned from your posts. Best wishes.


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Hi Grant !

"1. When you get a blockage, do you now wait it out at home?
Any effective home techniques?"

I don't get along with NG tubes either. I have this inherent tendency
to swing at anyone getting too close to my nose with a rubber tube.
(I feel the same way about my penis and rubber tubes, btw)

I ended up in the ER three times (I think three?), and it didn't do me
any better than if I just stayed home. The problem is, that you run
a risk that the obstruction will perforate the intestine. If that happens,
it's not a good thing, and being in the hospital at the time it happens
may give you an edge. I gave up. If I'm going to lay there in pain,
I want to be close to my bottle of Bourbon.

I found (as some others on the board have previously suggested)
that laying on the left side, will get things moving. That, along with
pressing on various areas of the abdomen, seems to work for me.
Not right away, and not always, but it helps. And, drinking as much
of any diuretic liquid as I can, helps. Coffee, tea, white grape juice,
all seems to help, just as plain water with a touch of lemon.

Drinking alcohol, or anything that displaces water in your system, is
a tragic mistake. So is carbonated beverages, or anything "gassy".
The waste sits in one spot, and can start to decay and gas up,
and the last thing you need is more gas.

"Wurn Technique and 'Clear Passage Physical Therapy'."

Well, huh! I started to do the research, and well.....

One of their references to substantiate their "Wurn Technique" is here:

#3. Liakakos T, Thomakos N, Fine PM, Dervenis C, Young RL.

Where it concludes:
"CONCLUSIONS: Until additional information and findings from
future clinical investigations exist, only a meticulous surgical
technique can be advocated
in order to reduce unnecessary
morbidity and mortality rates from these untoward effects of surgery."

#4. Ellis H, Moran BJ, Thompson JN, Parker MC, Wilson MS, Menzies D, McGuire A, Lower AM, Hawthorn RJ, O’Brien F, Buchan S, Crowe AM.

Postoperative adhesions have important consequences to patients,
surgeons, and the health system. Surgical procedures with a high
risk of adhesion-related complications need to be identified and
adhesion prevention carefully assessed."

Neither of those substantiates anything the 'CPPT" center is claiming.

And the 5,6,7 references are those of Wurn herself. Not that there's anything
wrong with that... But I have a feeling it might be a bit skewed.

Dr. Jacques Moritz, and Dr. Leslie Mendoza Temple, both have
made no other comments, other than those relating to the promotion
of a book, and a web site: "miracle-moms.com".

I'm a cynic at heart, and when I see only two physicians being
quoted using essentially the same dialog, I become suspicious.

For me, my physicians have taken CT scans, and X-rays, and some
other type of X-Ray, where the bowels are shifted around during the
X-ray. They can't figure out where the obstruction is, or if it's from
an adhesion or hernia.

Maybe Dr. Wurn is a psychic?

There are some things that TCM can do at the time of (or shortly
after) surgery, that can help prevent and/or at least reduce the
amount of adhesions. But there's not much that can be done, once the
adhesion settles in; It's two pieces of skin growing into one another.
It's part of the natural healing process, but on our insides.

Thanks for the link and the thought! I'm always open to suggestions
and new ideas.

Good thoughts comin' at ya!


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I also agree on no canned soup policy.

Simply there is no substitute for a basic, homemade soup to control the ingredients. We have a basic health soup available EVERY day, at lunch and dinner. Ginger/curcumin, onion or related, garlic, tomato, cabbage or other, okra, cauliflower, zucchini and/or broccoli, chicken/fish. For us, no grains or potato.

If unassisted, the pot gets bigger (2-3-4 days worth) and the extra into portions for temporary storage in the freezer.

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So sorry that you are in pain right now. Dick has not dealt with adhesions and hernias yet. Thanks for describing them so we know what to look for.

I agree about making your own soup. I like starting with an organic chicken or turkey. The broth is great and freezes well. Add in onion, celery, carrots, last time I added leaks and whole wheat pasta. I like fresh herbs too. I am happy to hear your wife will cook up some soup for you.

Thinking of you.


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Nana b
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it's really easy to take veggies and blend them up for soup. You simmer them and blend, add seasonings. Most people cream them, cream of asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, etc, but you don't have to add 1 percent milk. Can you have these blended veggies, smoothies with berries and bananas. I make a mean caldo/soup but don't if are up to whole veggies, but hey, my brothers blends it up and he doesn't have cancer. Just eats healthy.

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As most of us (ileostomates) can tell you, life's no fun when you get
an intestinal obstruction!

You know you have "something wrong", when you begin to realize that
you haven't relieved your intestinal capacity in too long a time.

The output will be watery, initially. This can cause you to be more
dehydrated than you usually are, and make the waste even more
difficult to pass though a narrowed intestine.

The next stage is a bloated feeling, with gas pains and cramps,
and very little, or no output. As it extremes itself, vomiting is
experienced, along with pain. On the "plus side", the contortions
you go through while vomiting often can dislodge the blockage.

Most people think that the cancer itself, is your only misery.
It's not; it doesn't end with the absence of the cancer.

Aside from all the psychological changes we go through dealing
with our own mortality, we also have all the physical, biological,
and neurological changes. It simply doesn't end that easy.

They told me after the operation, that I may experience problems
with adhesions and hernias. They didn't tell me, that it can occur
years after the surgery. Surprise!!

If your husband does experience any of this, make sure that
he gets plenty of liquid throughout the debacle. Dehydration is
a major problem; You lose most of the ability to re-coup the water
and potassium from the waste, when you lose most of the colon.

So with or without an Ileostomy, or Colostomy, when they remove
part of your digestive tract, you're missing a part of the entire
critical system.

That's what cancer does; it takes away things.

And yes, to you and Nana-b (and everyone else), making soup
from scratch is the best way to go. But do be aware of the fiber,
it doesn't dissolve, and it plays hell if you have an obstruction!

Best of health to all!!


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I have been having similar symptoms as you over the last few weeks. But my doctor has said it's been either gastritis, flu or IBS. Last week my stomach was so bad I couldn't eat properly was living on my sister's home made soup. I'm starting to feel a lot more better, but having a blood tests on Tuesday, and will be tested for H polyri. And you've got me thinking, I had keyhole surgery, so I have more scaring inside then out, curses. Never ends, as everyone has said home made soup is the way to go, I hope you start to feel better really do.


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I, too am sorry to hear you are having the pain and symptoms you are going through. I hope I'm not making a fool of myself for saying this. I haven't been on here long, but from the time I have been, I have always thought you offer your support and great advice as such a strong, strong person. Now I feel a touch of pain and guilt for not realizing you are like the rest of us. You have your rough times and challenges too. How else could you possibly be able to respond to posts the way you do. Now I see your knowledge and information is encorporated with "been there's" and "I understand's".

I hope this all gets better for you soon and I'm glad you have your wife to help you with it.


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Gail -

One thing I've learned from this board, is that we're all in this
together; Cancer is the common denominator. We have all
experienced the overwhelming feeling of our naked mortality
at a time we thought we were immortal. That is what cancer
does - it wakes us up and let's us know it's time to stay awake.

Phil once asked for people's ideas of "good" that's come from
their cancer diagnosis. I guess "waking up" is about the best
thing I could have offered.

But ya' know? After a few months, or years..... people around
you still see you walking around, and they treat you like they
did before. You still regain the sense of your naked mortality,
but they see you as fully dressed, alive and well, and going to
live forever. So they'll say HI, or Thanks, or Seeya, some other
time, because they're too busy right now. Cancer hasn't taught
them a thing, but it continues to teach you everything.

Thanks for the note! I am thrilled that you read my posts.
Don't take 'em too seriously, though, OK? I've been known
to drive people insane.

Stay well!!


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I am so sorry that you have been having eating issues. That is no fun at all.

I have worked in the food industry most of my life, and have learned quite a bit about MSG over the years. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is a food enhancer. Its role is to enhance the flavours already present in the food. Sodium Chloride (table salt) also can play this role in foods as well (sodium chloride can also act as a preservative). It is the salt from an amino acid. It naturally occurs in some foods such as tomatoes and mushrooms. For some time it has been known that some people are sensitive to MSG, + exhibit various reactions such as headaches, generally not feeling well, etc. This is often known as "Chinese Food Syndrome", because Chinese Food often has a lot of MSG in it. You can ask to have "MSG free" Chinese Food + they will prepare it without MSG. Canada, where I live, requires MSG to be labelled in the ingredient listing, but there are other ingredients which may contain MSG, such as hydroyzed vegetable protein. I went to the FDA website, to check regulations in the US but found it a bit confusing + ran out of time. Here is the link to the Canadian regs on MSG:www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/securit/addit/msg_qa-qr-eng.php (I wish I knew how to do direct links).

With regards to soup, John, last week we had a roast chicken. We took the carcass + simmered it, along with a carrot, onion + some seasonings. The next day we heated up the broth, added chopped chicken, carrots, mushrooms, green onions. We separately cooked spagettini, + added it to each individual bowl, then added the soup. It was delicious!

Wishing YOU better health, John!

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3 months ago I had an abdominoperineal resection of the rectum with a permanent colostomy.
I have had some issues but nothing compared to what john describes. I eat healthy with no resrictions other than sugar as i am also diabetic. Sometimes before a bowel movement I get serious pain that lasts about 5-10 minutes its pain that makes me double over but because its happened so many times I know it is going to pass so i hang on until it does. I havnt figured out what it is from, some one told me its just part of the colon that was repaired or stitched up and will get better with time. But now after reading everything on this post I am a bit nervous that it may be more than that. Since i have been DX'ed July 09. Doctors have not explained to me what to expect. Everything seems to be a new surprise to me. Did you guys have similar surgeries is this something I should be concerned about?
These discussion boards help me understand alot but can also cause unesessary fear.
Please advise,

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Tom -

No need to be nervous and full of worry. You weren't nervous and full of
worry about getting cancer before you actually had cancer, right?

Adhesions and hernias are common after any intensive abdominal
surgery. They told me I had many, right after the operation, but
none bothered me. I had absolutely no problems with digestion,
no pains, no bloating, no obstructions, not in four years - Well, until
now, that is. I know some individuals that never had a problem
after abdominal surgery, but are they among the "common"?

The adhesions are varied in type, and some can grow, and shrink,
and in the process, they mess up the intestines. The intestines
should float free inside us, bending and moving as needed. When
a section is restrained, it can cause it to bind, or kink, and that's
where you can get an obstruction. A hernia can trap part of the
intestine, and keep it from moving, just as an adhesion can. And a
hernia can happen at any time, since the muscles have been cut,
and moved, and weakened somewhat; It doesn't take too much.

The bottom line Tom, is forget about it. If you get an obstruction,
you'll know the signs, and know a little about how to deal with it.
Most of us have learned the hard way. No doctor ever told
me what to expect, or what to do. I guess they figure that you'll
get into the ER and they'll do the teaching. Either that, or they didn't
figure we'd live long enough to suffer the consequences of surgery?
(haha, probably)

What you appear to be suffering from, sounds more to be related
with the type of surgical procedures involved with rectal surgery.
You might want to sign in on the UOAA web site, and see what
they think. It's a great forum/board for ostomates of every type,
and intestinal operations before and after an ostomy. Most are there
not due to cancer, but the info will be of help to you anyway!

Greg -
"I wonder why some surgeries cause these adhesions and others don't."

From my understanding, adhesions form after any surgery; most
may not be of concern, while some will be. After four long years,
I really didn't think I would have to be concerned; I guess I was
wrong. As we age, things inside us settle, and with the "settling",
comes twists and kinks that weren't there before. Muscles relax,
and a part of an intestine can pop through. What can I say?
I still rather get old.

Lisa -
"if I were you and not being able to eat a well balance diet,
I would be having a serious talk with my doctor "

Yup! That's exactly what I did. I went in and told her (my gastro doc)
what's been happening. She ordered the CT, etc immediately, along
with a CBC, CEA, etc. When it didn't isolate anything, she gave me
the names of three surgeons that she knows. I did the research, and
started with the best. I'll get second opinions, of course, but I know
what to expect, well in advance.

This last test still didn't isolate the section or the reason, and the
radiologist said it might take being opened up to locate it. He did
not feel any surgeon will do so, for a partial blockage. It's just
too risky of an operation for something not all that threatening.

Well...maybe, but they're not the ones in pain for days, and hanging
off the side of the toilet at 3am.

Plenty of nourishment can be had from soup, as well as foods
without fiber. And eating meat doesn't seem to present a problem.
It's anything that doesn't dissolve, that's a problem. So figuring
out a diet to work around this mess, is the present goal.


What I'm going through is a very, very minor thing, compared
to Winter-Marie, John, Craig, Buzz, and everyone else! Mine is
just a surgical mess, and it can be fixed..... so please guys.....

Let's pour our hopes and prayers to the guys that really need them.

I'll do fine!

Thanks for caring. I really do appreciate it!


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Thanks so much John. I'm kinda sick of worrying anyway!!!

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Your comment is very interesting. Occasionally, I enjoy a glass or two of wine or beer and inevitably end up with gas. I don't drink carbonated beverages - maybe a cherry Coke once every 2-3 months. I now understand why alcohol bothers me. I think I'll read more about this issue. Thanks!

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It's a very good thing you've discovered this effect of MSG on you. I don't know whether it's the MSG or large amounts of salt, but I have always found canned soups and frozen-dinner type products rather unpleasant tasting. The food I had in the hospital tasted bad to me in this way, also. It also usually smells bad. I guess it may be a fortunate aversion that I have.

I wonder why some surgeries cause these adhesions and others don't.


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I looked into this back when I was changing my diet years ago and remember it was VERY confusing to me. I remember that there were natural glutemates and man made ones so I tried to avoid the man made ones. The list of additives containing a form of MSG has grown since then but I thought I read where there were always varying amounts of the stuff in the ones that were listed back then. I listed the ones that had the most and avoided them. They were autolyzed yeast extract, soy sauce, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and of course MSG itself.

I also remember reading where most of the products became bothersome when raised to high heat and releasing d-glutemate as opposed to the l-glutemate normally released.

Oh and by the way people that are sensitive to MSG are usually sensitive to parmesan cheese, tomatoes, peas, mushrooms, chicken, beef, pork and fish to name just some of the foods that emite bound and free glutemates.

Have you tried any of the other brands of soup people have recommended or are you assuming they will bother you too? MSG has more sodium in it then the yeast extracts so as others have said it could just be the stuff in Campbells and MSG that is getting to you.

I agree with the others that making homemade soup sounds like it is the way for you to go, you can strain it just like you did the canned goop and it freezes well. Let me know if you need any recipes.

Also if I were you and not being able to eat a well balance diet, I would be having a serious talk with my doctor and if she/he wasn't receptive to helping me I would be finding one that was. I don't know any colotomates or ileostomates that are having the extensive issues you are. FYI, just cuz your surgeon is the lead doesn't make him the best surgeon, it just means he is the best manager who also happens to be a surgeon.

As far as additives and perservatives go, I totally agree with you. My personal favorite high fructose corn syrup commercial is the one that says it made from corn so it can't be bad for you. My response to that is well so is moonshine but that doesn't mean it's good for you.

Just remember you deserve to be feeling and eating better then you are!

Lisa P.

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Check on your grocery store's international isle. The foods made in the USA that are of "International Styles" ie Indian, Mexican, etc... Tend to have less chemical crap in them. They allso have a lower shelf life, but whom needs a can that lasts more then a year?

MSG is made from Cruciferous vegetables or Soy. Soy is the 8th most common allergy and hardly tested for! My wife after taking allergen shots for 10 years was retested upon our research and tested positive for soy allergy. We eat only whole foods and no chemical crap. It made her digestion better and no more allergic issues. I lost 40lbs by changing our diet. I am sure not eating fast foods helped a lot for me.

A colon blockage is very serious! Have it checked sooner rather then later. I ended up in the hospital for 8 days due to a colon blockage. It was my lack of knowledge of not recognizing the issue. Ribbon size poop, not being able to poop, etc....

Best Always, mike

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Hey, John.

I didn't realize you were having so much trouble. I'm so sorry! Hope you find a good solution soon!

And thanks for the info.


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the devil is in the detail. I hate the fine print.
we never really get told the full details in a meaningful way and the fine print is really really small.

this is another post I will lock away and treasure. all these little time bombs, waiting to go off. the hernia, blockages, depression, dehydration won't kill us hopefully , just make life hell for a bit.

it makes the good weeks more precious.

so main hay while the sun shines, for when it rains it poors and you may drown.
I hope this is not to abstract.

my onc prescribed me some antidepressants so I to worried about side effects. fun i thought. I was worried about being to positive.

I hope you got some healthy soup. Did you see my post about slippery elm for relieving blockages and helping diarrhea.

all the best,


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It takes many people years (or never) to find out what is causing their sensitivities, depression, mental fogginess, rash...whatever it may be. Good for you to catch it almost immediately. No more MSG.

What about GMO foods: corn oil, rapeseed oil? What is left to eat?
I don't know what 'healthy eating' is anymore. Now I am drinking raw milk, mostly local organic foods. Have you ever heard of Kombucha? I like it for its flavor since I have given up pop, but it may have health benefits.

I hope you feel better!

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Oh good, I was hoping we'd get back to the topic of MSG, etc..

A bunch of years ago, I was doing some telecommunications work
at an apple farm in Massachusetts. The owner was showing me around,
and we were talking about crops, and marketing, etc.

Well.. the only difference between the regular apples and the
high-priced organic ones, where the worms. With the organic,
you got the worms; organic buyers like to see life in their food.

I had to laugh back then, because it wasn't the only farm that I
heard that story at. String beans, potatoes, lettuce... it didn't matter.
It all came out of the same soil that'd been saturated with chemicals
for years and years. And the manure that's spread to feed the
plants, all come from the same cows and chickens, that are all
fed the same hormones and antibiotics.

Now, a manufacturer only has to list the chemicals they add,
but not the chemicals in all the "food products" they buy to put
in their product. The imported garbage can come from countries
where there are no rules at all, and those products do not have
to reveal what's in them. So your favorite brand can say
"no hormones or chemicals added", but it can still be in the
product anyway; they're not lying, because -they- didn't add it.

You mentioned depression.... In Traditional Chinese Medicine,
if a patient claims they feel depressed, anxious, or has symptoms
of anger, etc, it points to what is called a "liver deficiency". The
TCM physician will treat the patient for that liver deficiency, and
the problem is usually remedied within a few treatments.

In western medicine, they prescribe chemicals, ignoring that the
liver will have to work harder to get the chemicals out, and the
patient usually ends up having to take anti-depressant medications
for their entire life. Have you ever noticed that they always warn
of "liver problems" with those meds?

If you've read at any of those links regarding MSG, you can also
see the damage it does to the liver... always interesting stuff out there!

My wife noticed today, while shopping for treats for our friend's
pets, that dog treats are now carrying the term "corn sugar" as
one of the main ingredients. That's the new FDA approved term
for "High Fructose Corn Syrup".

We can't even eat dog food now.....

(what am I going to serve the guests?)

Best wishes,


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I like your sense of humour; even when talking serious stuff you lighten it up.

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I second that emotion :)

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