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Mom lost her battle thursday.

Vicky DeRosia
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Joined: Oct 2010

I have not had the time to really deal with this because of having and dealing with five sisters and three adopted siblings.I am so sad. Mom and I had a lot of time spent together since her first visit telling her she had cancer.On this journey I met an amazing mother.My heart is breaking tonight I loved her and am really going to miss her.Tomorrow I will post and tell you my adventure of the last two weeks I am blessed, angry and have a beaking heart and it is hard to say also happy for my mother.I just really needed to post to say she is really gone and I am kinda of feeling sorry for myself.I would love to post to tomorrow to have some listen to my story.Also I am so mad at Dr.s.Thanks for being here.The world lost a wonderful person!

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I am so sorry for you and your family. I know this is not a easy road to go dowm, I lost my mom in 2007 not a day goes by that I do not think of her and wonder what I could have done better for her. So As I read your post it made me cry I know the pain you feel is so real . I wish you peace.

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Sorry to hear the news as it brings back memories of when I lost my Mom. But she is never really gone as long as I keep her in my heart.

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So sorry you lost your mom. I lost mine in "89" and still remember that day and think of her every day. Please do come back here and tell us your story. There are so many of us on here who can relate to your feelings. Take care. "Carole"

Cindy Bear
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I am so sorry for your loss. It is devastating I know. I lost my mother in June 09 (uterine cancer) and since my Dad had passed in 96, she was all we had . Our little matriarch. It's been a year and half and I still struggle with her death. I am thankful that my sisters, husband, family and friends have gotten thru this. I still have dark days where I cry and stamp my feet and think "why, why her, why cancer, why stage IV?" The first Thanksgiving and xmas without her were very difficult. I didn't want to do any decorating or celebrating.. but Mom would have wanted us to, so I did. It was like sleepwalking, shuffling along in a sort of heartbroken daze.. but we made it through and it does get a little easier with time. Give yourself time that's all you can do. I too had and still have a lot of anger towards her doctors, GP and gyn/onc. I won't rehash the story here.. people are sick of hearing it I am sure. In a nutshell, her GP who saw her regularly, wrote off little signs and patronized her and patted her on the head and wrote everything off to arthritis, old age or nerves. Her onc. wasn't truthful with us about her prognosis, and he lied about her liver. Told us it was fine, and it wasn't... then sold us Chemotherapy, very doable, good results.. blah blah blah. Hugs and prayers, Cindy

Vicky DeRosia
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When I am a little over the shock I will tell you my story.At the time I am so sad and angry and beside my self .I can't even think Christmas although I did moms for her.Her funeral is Tues.To top things off I am an a event planner.and since Thursday have had many parties to host very difficult to be on top.I am just going through the montions and am very sorry for the people who who booked their event with me I am doing my best usally I give a hundred and 50 percent and I feel as if though they maybe giving 90.Any way I maybe just be feeling sorry for myself but my heart really is breaking and I feel a lone.Thank you and everyone for listening posting and in a few days I will post again.Please keep me in your prayers.

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I am very sorry to hear about your mother, Vicky. Losing a loved one is never easy and so much more difficult around the holidays, and adding your very hectic schedule as an event planner just makes the load that much greater.

Praying for moments of peace and a feeling of blessing to come over you through the following days.

Hugs, Vicky.

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very sorry for your loss. I completely understand how you feel as I too have lost my mom.
She died last month. November 9th. Our hearts are broken and i just want the holidays to be over with for this year.Hang in there and do the best you can with your event planning...from what i have seen most people are very understanding and will know you are doing the best you can in a horrible situation. Take care, Karen

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Hi Vicky I am so sorry that you are going through the worse pain of your life, as like most people on this page we have all lost someone so close to us. I too have lost my mum, only four months ago, Remember we are all for you and I found talking helpful. xxxxxx

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