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To Donna

miss maggie
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Hi Donna

I just read your post regarding Thermophore. I have a very bad right knee. I did google, and found the site right away. My question, Is it the moist heating pad for about $68.00?

I read everyone's post each day. I find the info on this site so helpful with my NHL. Thankfully, I am finding info on another problem I need to address, my right knee. I am sure others will be helped by the info you provided, thank you. I feel everyone on this site is family.

Happy Holiday and God Bless Maggie

JoanieP's picture
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Dear Maggie,
I love my heating pad. It stays under my pillow when my husband makes the bed. It helps the pains. I never know if it is from the chemo 18 months ago, the rituxin every 12 weeks or just being 63 and OLD!!!!:)

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Hi, Maggie,

My mother gave me the heavy heating pad then I saw this and I looked it up on my heating pad and yes it is Thermophore!! Did not realize I have it! I have been using it for about almost 10 years. Love it - I used it mostly for my back and then for family members' aches here and there but sometimes just to warm up my bed!!

Hope that thing would help your knee as well.

Happy New Year,

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