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How are you doing?

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Tons of MD appointments yesterday, which, for the VA, is unusual. They repeated his MRI's and ultrasounds in the morning, then sent us to the transplant center to meet with the surgeon before he goes on vacation for Christmas. Mike has to be completely free of infection in order to be listed, 14 days on super antibiotics, which means IF the cancer hasn't mets (per the new MRI) AND his blood infection clears up, he will be listed on the 28th of December. I talked with a caregiver last night who is also staying at the hospital hospitality house and she said her husband got his transplant one week after being on the list. Unusually fast, but still gave me a lot of hope. They've been here since October and will be going home on Tuesday.

As for me, I'm in a fugue state. A little homesick, a little lonely, alot scared, and uncertain about the future. In other words, New normal for us caregivers. Not looking forward to Christmas next week, but otherwise just trying to take it day by day. Public transportation in Richmond is non existant on the weekends, and the transportation company that the VA has contracted with is MIA so far this weekend. I may be just staying in the HHH, catching up on sleep, and surfing the net for the next two days. I absolutely refuse to engage in any hand wringing over not being at the hospital, so all in all, I guess I'm doing well. Kind of made a long story...well... long, huh? Thanks for asking!

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