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young adult cancer survivor

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Hi Everyone! I am a 31 year old ovarian cancer survivor of 18 months. Cancer has forever changed my life but always have been and will always be an optimist during and after my treatment. On the other hand, dating has been hard for me since diagnosis. At my age, men wants children and being an OC survivor, having a biological child is not an option. I would love to meet other young cancer survivors and start dating again.

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Hey, I am 23 and was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma this summer... and at my age guys seem to disappear if you so much as mention cancer, won't even stick around as friends. So I guess I just wanted to say I think I know what you mean and I wish you the best of luck!

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I'm 24 and can relate as well. I wish there were more support groups or organizations for young adults. The group I go to is all old people who don't have the same issues I do. Good luck to us!

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