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Groin Lymph Node Removal

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I had entire lymph node removal 3 weeks ago from my right groin area, how long does it take to get back to normal? Anyone out there that I can ask questions to? Thanks. :)

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I had a radical dissection on my left side (groin) on October 19th. 18 lymph nodes in total removed which included several nodes in my abdomen. Recovery is dependent on several factors. How was your health prior to surgery? I went to the gym about three times a week prior to surgery. Also a non-smoker, very moderate intake of alcohol, and eat relatively healthy. Given all that I was walking over a mile within two weeks. By week 3 I was "almost" back to a normal routine. I was back at the gym by week 6 doing light upper body weights and walking several miles on the treadmill. The doctor gave me a 6-7 week recovery period since I work in an office environment. He stated if I was in a labor intensive job the recovery period would be longer. My leg is still slightly swollen and I can't feel my skin on the top of my thigh from my knee up to the groin area. I was told the feeling may take a year to come back and may not come back 100%.

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I also had a dissection on my left side and right. I have issues with swelling or water or something in my penis and scrotum, any helpful advice on that. I had surgery on the 6th of dec. That's the only problem I've had so far except for pain.

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I also had a LND on my right groin. Because of my WLE I can't comment on mobility but as far as feeling coming back it took a few months. 7 months later there are still few spots that just have a tingle. The scar tissue stings a little to the touch. My foot and ankle stayed swollen for about 3 months. My thigh was also pretty swollen. I called it my pregnant thigh. It is all normal size now. i think my body had to find a way to filter throigh the fluid without the nodes. My big toe stayed numb for a month or so after surgery.
Hope you are recovering well...

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I'm in radiation therapy now and my leg is starting to swell from the knee to the top of my thigh. My radiation ONC stated this would impact my treatment if the swelling got worse (throw off the area) so she referred me to a physical therapist which specializes in treating lymphadema. So far she's doing scar revision therapy and manual lymphatic stimulation. Both are massage techniques and they are working. Within two days the swelling had gone down. The therapist states the thickening of the scar is creating the problem since from the knee down my leg is fine. The way the body works is an odd thing for sure.

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I have never posted to anything before but I had nodes removed from my groin and got a bad infection following the surgery. Needless to say it was a terrible place to have a bad infection and I wore a wound vac for 3 weeks. My leg seems to feel weird alot of the time. today it feels swelled at the top but this is better than most days. I try to do my massages I learned at rehab and I do wear the hose but some days it is just to tight. I am extremely active and it is a problem but I am learning to accept it. Melonoma is serious and I am healed and grateful to have my life. I workout or take dance nearly everyday and I am even about to start teaching aerobics and I also teach dance. clogging and hip hop!! It is great to know that I can still dance and enjoy my life. I am going to see a lymph specialist soon. I dont know if they can do anything to help it but I am willing to try.

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I had a complete node dissection and sartorious muscle transposition in my groin and pelvic areas this past Jan (2011) and although the doc said I would be back to normal in 6 weeks he did not even ask what normal was for me.needless to say I sought another opinion. I am a rehab manager and full time speech pathologist in a nursing home with 112 beds. I am also a single mom with no family around and an ex who is married and over an hour away. My boys do sports year round and I am getting my doctorate (in my third year) so I am 10 weeks out ( and I did karate two to three times a week prior) anyway I am 10 weeks out and still am only working half time about because my other few hours is spent with my kids. I am not overdoing it because of the fear of lymphadema which I was told is not curable. Once it swells it's there for good. I suggest listening to your body and going at a pace that works for you. My doc has still suggested no exercise and I am listening to him. His wife is a PT and well versed in lymphadema. I am also seeing a PT twice a week for lymphatic liquid massage which helps with the hypersensitivity and the numbness in my thigh. I wish you the best.

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your post struck a chord with me and I would love to hear how you have progressed since April.
2 weeks ago I found out that a melanoma I had removed back in March has gone to my lymph nodes so I am undergoing a pelvic and right inguinal lymph node dissection in 2 days time. I am 38 yrs old and am also very active with 3 kids to look after and work in a similar field as a physiotherapist in rehab.
How are you coping with the decrease in exercise? I anticipate that to be hard for me. Started crossfit back in June and generally do lots of running and cycling.
Really interested in how you have found the recovery and if you are keeping the lymphoedema at bay?
I really hope you are doing well.
Regards from downunder,

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We learned last week that my 75 year old father has melanoma on the medial aspect of his R foot. Just learned today that my father's PET scan had R pelvic, inguinal node involvement. Was amputation considered before you decided to go with lymph node dissection? My father is an ex smoker, and has history of deep vein thrombosis on his R leg. I am also curious to find out if you are going to start on any adjuvant therapy such as interferon. Thanks.

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We learned last week that my 75 year old father has melanoma on the medial aspect of his R foot. Just learned today that my father's PET scan had R pelvic, inguinal node involvement. Was amputation considered before you decided to go with lymph node dissection? My father is an ex smoker, and has history of deep vein thrombosis on his R leg. I am also curious to find out if you are going to start on any adjuvant therapy such as interferon. Thanks.

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Just wondering how you are getting on and are you back to normal yet?? In Feb I was diagonised with Invasive Extramammary Pagets Disease. In 8th May 2012 I had a radical volvectomy and 22 lymph nodes removed from both left and right groin. It has now been 7 weeks since the operation. My operation was on the 8th May, 4 days later they removed both drains and sent me home on day 5 saying just go home and rest. By day 8 I was not feeling very good and my sister took me to the doctors, They put me on antibiotics and sent me home. I am 44yrs a mother of 6 daughters and a grandmother of 2. I too am usually so active but have not been able to get back to normal. My left groin has returned to somewhat normality but the right groin has devoloped a lymphcyst the size of 4 golf balls and it is still infected. I have now noticed that my right leg is quite swollen especially my knee. My left leg has just started swelling. I had to travel 1 1/2 hours for the surgery as I am from a small town in NZ. We have no lymphodema specialist here and have one that visits one day per month. I have a district nurse that came to see me and she refered me to her but have to wait until she arrives. As for the infection in my groin I had to send photos to my surgerns nurse, via email, so he can see what it looks like now as my GP has no idea what to do. That was a week ago, I have rung and she forgot to show the surgeon and now he is on holiday. Oh joy!!! I still cant drive, or just sit in a chair properly and the more I move around the more my legs start feeling like bricks. I am just wondering how long it has taken you to make a full recovery? I cant wait to get back to normal
Thanks for reading

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hello i am stan grueber i had lymph node cancer on my right and left groining,on june 3 got all the cancer but i have lymph node fluid i go to the hospital every day as a out paient they drain 1000cc to 1400cc every day and it going on for almost 6 week and no end in site but they tell me it will stop and i say when, so iam waiting for that day. so hang in there they say it will get better. does anyone know how to stop lymph node fluid to slow or even how to stop so much fluid, anything will help unhappy email srgrueber@yahoo.com

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Are you talking about a seroma or lymphedema?  I'm thinking a seroma as LE (lymphedema) is not removed via a daily 'drain' that can be measured.

Are you using compression - garment or wrapping?  How long were your drains in post surgery?  How soon after they were removed did you start having problems?  They really are taking out 1,000 - 1,400 ccs (33.8 - 47.3 ozs - more than a quart) daily?  How many lymph nodes were removed?

There is so much involved with the lymphatic system and our health.

I can only speak for myself, I did develope a seroma after last drain was removed after UMX which did have to be drained by Dr several times (never the amount you say you're getting daily) but he had me wrapping to put compression so less fluid build up.  As it was explained to me, the tissues involved in surgery have not totally re-bonded and leaves a 'pocket' for fluid to build up.

LE can  not simply be removed via a needle.  It is lymph fluid in the tissue because our individaul  bodies no longer have the ability to move fluid through the body through surgeries or injury.

Prehaps you could get a second opinion?


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Hello everyone, I have inguinal lymph node removal due to my penile cancer. I have my drained for over 4 weeks and fluid comes around 900-1000cc. Does anyone had this surgery and knows how long it take for drained to be removed? Please share your experience....

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