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pain in my neck

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I'm 10 years post treatment and now for the past month the back of my neck has had limited mobility and it hurts to move too much. I can barely lift my head up. I had a neck dissection along with everything else and was wondering if this could be from that even though it was 10 years ago. Or if anyone else has experienced this. I'm starting to wonder if it is some kind of infection. Any comments would be helpful thanks!

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If you did, it certainly contributes to osteoporosis, Linda.

Please call your physician and schedule an appointment to have this looked at as soon as possible.

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Hi Linda, please have a look at Hondo's recent post on head/neck pain. It took him four doctors to get a correct diagnosis. His problem (infection) was not directly related to past treatment. Yours may or may not be, but don't allow doctors you see to look at your problem with tunnel vision. Hoping relief comes soon. Great photo by the way. One cute kid . . . and at my age I mean both of you, Ha.
best, Hal

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I will back up what Hal just said, I went swimming about 6 months ago and started to have some very bad pain in the back of my neck. It then went into my left ear and temple in my head, I had doctor after doctor look at me two of them said my cancer was back and the others said no your cancer is not back just side affects of your radiation 5 years ago. I been in pain for 6 months and did not believe any of them so I went for a 5ft opinion but this time did not say anything about having cancer and the doctor found that I have a Mastoid infection in my left ear. The pain is now down to normal again, get it checked out but don’t say you had cancer.

Hoping you the best

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