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PET Scan & Exam Results

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For the first time since July 2009, my husband has NO EVIDENCE OF CANCER DISEASE in his body!

Doc says he is not surprised he can't swallow, it's still early after the surgery (3 months)and we need to give it more time and more swallow therapy. Easy for us to say, we are not the ones who can't swallow our own spit. But Bob says it's ok, he is adjusting. (Especially difficult this time of year) Most of you know what this is like, so I am preaching to the choir.

They still want an MRI, mainly for baseline of his new throat anatomy following the surgery. So doc is going to order sedation (conscious sedation like they do endoscopy or colonoscopy) and he'll have one in next few weeks.

So great news for us today! Thank you for all the prayers, they are greatly appreciated.

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This is more wonderful news this month! Thanks for sharing.

Take care,


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Happy Holidays.


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Just great news, Kimmy!

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Glenna M
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This is such wonderful news!!

Stay well,

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Have wonderful holiday. You certainly have reason to celebrate.


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Glad to hear the good report and welcome to NED, just remember everything heals with time and there will be a new normal.

Take care

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Pam M
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Santa's delivering early again. Wonderful news. It's gotta be one fun weekend at your house.

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news... What a great early Christmas present, the best you could ever get. I am so happy to hear the good news for a change, it just makes my day. Thanks for sharing and have a very Merry Christmas. ;~)

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NED is definitely a great stocking stuffer. :)



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