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Dangerous side effects from Avastin

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Although I've posted about this drug before, I saw this morning that they are going to stop using it for breast cancer because of side effects. Well I think they should stop using it altogether for all cancers. My husband had lung cancer and had a "RARE" side effect from it and hemorraged to death after only one treatment. We were so hopeful that it would help him, so now I'm left alone because of it. Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with it.

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My wife is on it, and has had no problems.

My mom took one dose of it, and it did more harm than good for her. I know it has been questioned in the use of breast cancer, and the FDA said it should be phased out for breast cancer, but as far as I know, it has still shown value in other cancers.

Our onc did say she was reluctant to use it in older patients and did caution about its use.

I remember reading about your husband.... so we've kept real close tabs on my wife.

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There was a segment on Headline News today about this Issue.

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That news about Avastin was cause they were having serious side effects from it when treating breast cancer. But I think they should stop using it for any cancers. Guess maybe cause of my hubby having that RARE side effect where he hemorraged to death and the doctor said it was from AVASTIN. Scares me and hope they check this out further. "Carole"
Because of it I am without my husband forever!!!

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