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We're Scared, Lost and Confused......Recently my 79yr old Father diag. with LUNG CANCER-SMALL CELLS

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Last week my 79yr old father went to ER wasn't feeling well. They took x-ray & ct scan and they found a large tumor in right lung. They also took fluid out & did a biopsy and we just got the results back 2days ago. He was diagnosed with LUNG CANCER-SMALL CELLS & were told it's inoperable. We have'nt spoken to a cancer doctor yet. But the Lung Spcecialist told us he would need chemo. We were devastated by the news. He is going have a PET-SCAN, CT SCAN and MRI then we will meet with a CANCER Specialist and find out what stage its in. This is all shocking and i'm still in disblief. We were told that Chemo would be the next step. I'm scared that he will not be able to handle the chemo because of his age and having TYPE 2 DIABETES. I've heard stories about chemo. I dont want him to suffer. He's lost sooo much weight these last 2 1/2 mo. and looks so frail. We're all worried and scared of losing our father. We don't have any idea what to expect with the chemo. If he decides to do it. Please if anyone has already been through the chemo and is over 75 yrs old i would love to hear from you. We dont no which way to go. We need advice good or bad. I would appreciate any and all who would like to share what they went through. Thank you for your time.

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I am still waiting for a definitive diagnosis so cannot comment on the effects of chemotherapy. My initial biopsy indicates I have stage 3a non-small cell lung cancer, but the staging is not yet definitive as I need a mediastinoscopy to obtain more tissue samples for testing. For me, the unknowns are the most difficult part as I want to get on with treatment and avoid delays. On the other hand, I realize the doc must have concise diagnostic informatiion with which to base a recommended treatment plan.

What I have done is read up on the disease and especially pay attention to those who have had success in their fight against cancer. You will find people on this discussion board that heve had success and there are publications available that speak of those who have had success. I consider success to be based on two things: sound scientific based diagnosis and treatment, and a positive outlook with a good sense of humor.

I wish you and your dad the very best. It is difficult, but I find that I can only focus on what I need to do today, how I can help someone smile, and making sure that I do what I can control to fight this disease.

Welcome to the discussion board and I am sure you will find many others with good advice here. I am a rookie, like your dad, so I hope he and I continue this battle and that he has much success. Your dad is fortunate to have someone who cares as much as you obviously do about him.

Warm Regards


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There are different chemo drugs, some are more toxic than others and have worse side effects. My understanding is that they take the age and relative health and strength of the person into account when reccommending which to use. Good luck to you and your father.

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