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Anyone wth experience with mx to bones from lungs

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My husband was diagnosed in 2005, Stage I. He has now had 1 lobectomy. Two wedge sections. After four years of "good" health, his cancer reared it's angry ugly head and it was removed in Boston . Our NY surgeon moved home to Harvard. And, All of these cancers were different cancers- except for the new one. It's a metastasis to spine. That was zapped with a 25 minute session of radiation. Now that his PET scan results are in from this past Monday, we found our he has two more growths on his bones - one on his pelvis, one on his rib cage. Of course we've been told "they're tiny."
Does anyone have any experience with lung to bone cancer.

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Mom's spread from lung to thoratic spine. She had 12 (or 15) rad treatments and they shrunk to undetectable.

My best to you and your family.

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My husband had resections also then had lung removed followed by rad and chemo. As in your case, it reared its ugly head 6 mos later in mets to bones and liver. He had one in chest wall, one on spinal cord, one in his hip, one in liver, and one on his rib. Mets to the bones are often very painful. I hope the chemo keeps shrinking them and wish you all the best.

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