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Relax, smile and rent some Christmas feel good movie dvds

hopeful girl 1
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Happy holidays to all my friends on the boards.

You have all helped me a great deal this year, encouraging me at the beginning of the chemo process, even before radiation, letting me know you all did these same treatments, and so could I. I can't tell you how much it helped encourage me that maybe I could get thru' this too.

Thank you so much to everyone.

Since we all need to de-stress and do good things for ourselves, I suggest renting Christmas movies, cuddling up on the couch and feeling peace. One I recently rented and enjoyed was Mrs. Miracle. It was kind of cute. I rented Christmas Carol with Jim Carey but have not watched it yet.


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We've watched Elf. I enjoyed the simple craziness. My daughter and I sat up with snacks and watched it while the lights on the tree sparkled. I'm coming off chemo over Christmas but don't have much energy for running around. I also love that crazy old movie Ernest Saves Christmas. I enjoy characters that get so excited about life's small events that it turns out to be so funny.

Love your blogs hopeful. You are a sparkling ornament on my tree!


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Hallmark has all kinds of Christmas movies during the month of December. Mrs Miracle was on, and there is a new one for 2010. Have not seen it yet. But I do enjoy the hallmark channel. Glad your counts are finally improving. Hope you are feeling peace.

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010


I saw Mrs. Miracle and I really enjoyed it. I rented the dvd. I too heard there is a Mrs. Miracle too, but it is not out on dvd.

I go for another bloodtest this week, because my white counts still need to come up further. I was still neutropenic last week.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. I also need to have a thyroid ultrasound, because during the summer months an "incidental" showed up on a ct, that they want to check out, thyroid nodules. My oncologist was not overly concerned, he said many people have them, and that when I completed chemo we would check on it with the ultrasound, so now I need to do that as well.

Happy holidays to you.


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