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Nana b
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XCguy08 from another post, you wrote

Tell me about your son? I, myself am 22 years old, and am a little worried that I may have it or a possibility of having it, it has run through the men in my family and lately, I have experienced off GI problems, I have never had before, I am sure they are nothing, but I saw your post, and wanted to learn about your son.


You may want to start you a new post so others can chime in. If it run in your family then you should get a colonoscopy 10 years earlier. For example my age was 50 when DX so my daughters should get checked at 40, or earlier if they feel something is not right. Don't wait!!


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Thanks NanaB for the intro.

My personal feelings on the subject of testing are: if you have any significant change in bowel habits for a week or more you need to see a GI specalist to find out the cause.

It used to be that colorectal cancer was considered a 'later in life' disease. Unfortunately that is no longer the case, particularly in families where there is a history of GI problems.

So, go see your doc. Get the tests. Then you don't have to worry about it.

Marie who loves kitties

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