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Anyone have robotic surgery on tongue?

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I got news yesterday that the surgery for the tongue primary tumor removal is set for the 22nd. My doc will be using the recently FDA approved robotic method - I think it's called the da Vinci machine and the overall surgery is TORS - Trans Oral Robotic Surgery.

Has anyone had experience or know anyone who's had this procedure using a robot? It's supposed to give you good clean margins while preserving more good tissue but I haven't read too much since it's relatively new. Thanks for any feedback.

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Mike: The Robotic Surgery in my city..Portland,Oregon...has been used for several years...Friends have had it done on their Prostates and it was excellent .. They do it almost anywhere in the human body now...Ask him how many has he done..That will tell you alot... Mel

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Dr. Weinstein of the University of Pennsylvania has done many of the TORS operations. He started doing them some time after he had done my Surgery. An outstanding Doctor to say the least and I can't give him enough praise. He also constructs many of the new tools used on us Head and Neck Patients. I am sure there is probably a Team that works with him, but he is good.

As mentioned by Mel, look into how many operations have been done by your Surgeon. Dr. Weinstein did tell me that had I come in to his office now, he would have been able to save me some the side effects that I have now. I am pretty sure that Kimba that posts here, her mate Mark had the procedure and is doing very well. If memory serves me correctly, he is several months post treatment now.


The link above is an interview with Dr. Weinstein in Nov of 2005 which was a year after my surgery. He has done many more since then.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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I agree with Marine & MJ ask your doctor how many of these has he done and how many were successful if you don’t like what he tells you don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.

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I don't know anyone who had it on their tongue, but both my dad and his twin had it done for their prostate cancers. my dad was able to walk out of the hospital and walk back and forth from his hotel almost right away. he had minimal side effects and he was so happy with the results that when his twin was diagnosed he went to the same doctor to have the same TORS procedure done. They have both been very happy with the results...complete removal with quicker healing and almost no side effects. it was very expensive, but they both said it was worth it for them.
wishing you the best of luck.
For my tumor removal 1/2 of the procedure was done through my nose using a tiny scope and robotics. in the past they would have had to remove my whole nose to get to the upper portion of my tumor (it was in my palate and had grown into my maxillary sinus cavity), but they were able to avoid a more invasive method, but with great results...there are no visible signs...just a big hole in my palate (which I expected).
let us know how it works for you!

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Mike...we were actually checking into the possibility of the robotic surgery until we discovered that there was a spot in the lung also. We consulted with Dr. Jeremy Richmon at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. It's not that far from NYC in case you need another opinion.

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My ENT performs robotic surgery at Mount Sinai in NYC. I understand that it is also done at Albert Einstein. Results are very good for people who have had it.
The nature of my base of tongue cancer resulted in 3 rounds of chemo followed by 35 rounds of radiation with weekly chemo; to date, my scans are clear.
The best of luck.

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