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apricot seeds?

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is it snake oil or does apricot seeds help? anyone here using them or something else? Im getting desperate here to help my mom as she is too weak to make a 2 hour drive to a cancer specialist, she has mets in her bones now, and her doctor here has given up on her and isnt doing anything to help her.....

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I've heard of this before, but then again, there are a zillion of these so-called cures for cancer. I'm really into alternative options, but tend to just ignore these as hearsay.

Might I suggest a few books with lots of research behind them:

. Anti Cancer, a new way of life, David Servan-Schreiber, MD
. Foods to Fight Cancer,essential foods to help prevent cancer, Richard Beliveau, PhD

I live by these and have followed so much of what is written. These might give you some sound options. So sad the doc has given up on Mom.

Tell us about her cancer diagnosis and why doc going in this direction? David Servan-Schreiber is a 15 year cancer survivor - brain...now that speaks for itself!!

Best to you,

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Nana b
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Go to colorectal cancer and search tobehealed. But.....don't give up on her, get another ONC. What is going on with her, what cancer does she have? What is her stage? What is her history? Have you gone to the ONC with her? Is there a pill form of chemo she can take?

You can also search myself, for recent posts, I have listed some immune building supplements.

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I used B-17 for a while it is made from apricot seeds and it did not do much for me in way of stopping my cancer. Be carful on the internet trying to find a cure as there is a lot of junk there, people trying to make money off of people with cancer.

Don’t give up on mom get a second opinion and get rid of the doctor you are now using. I will send you a PM on some stuff you can try if you like.

All the best to you both

New Flower
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sorry about your Mom. I actually have been drinking a special tea. This remedy does not scientific prof, however I personally have known people who benefited from it.Write me PM, if you are interested. I gave the info to the several people on this network nobody tried, just me every day.

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Sometimes it is more about the person's faith that something is helping them that is the real healer. I am not saying that there aren't certain things in certain foods that can help fight cancer because there probably are, I think nature has cures in lots of natural foods we aren't aware of. All I am saying is that faith that something is helping you is also very powerful, in my opinion that is.

I also have to mention, at this point, that no matter what you want to try you really should pass it by your doctors first, your Mom's doctors, or tell her to ask them first before taking anything. Even things that sound safe to you like apricot seeds - sounds healthy and natural - could have some element in them that interferes with treatments/drugs she is taking. I have one such interaction. That is cranberry juice. You would think that it is healthy and it is unless you are on blood thinners - which I am. I would have never known this if I hadn't talked to my pharmacist first. So I can't drink normally healthy cranberry juice.

Reading books on the subject is a great idea but just be cautious about 'cures'. There are alot of snake oil cures out there. Years ago Essiac tea was touted as an aid in the curing of cancer and some still use it today. I tried it but not for long. I don't know if it has any benefit or not.

Your love and support is what your Mom definitely needs froom you though and sounds like you are providing her with that in spades. That's wonderful. I know the helplessness you feel though with her illness. Please feel free to post here whenever you want to hash things out. Lots of very knowledgeable and caring people on this site as you have undoubtedly noticed already.


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I've read about this on the internet too but I've read some stuff about it saying that apricot seeds contain cyanide and can be toxic. I agree with bluerose, Having faith is healing people. there could be something out there in nature that can actually heal cancer or any disease after all it is said in the bible that God provided us with everything in nature, i guess people will just have to search for that "cure" in nature.

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The apricot seeds stuff was popular back in the 1970's when Steve McQueen went to Mexico to receive the laetrile "cure" (chemically related to apricot pits). After he died and numerous studies showed that laetrile never helped a single patient this purported "cure" faded away. I hope that it is not raising its ugly head again--so many false hopes....

My advice is to get another opinion. See another oncologist. Consider referring yourself to somewhere like MD Anderson or another reputable cancer center. Get in a trial if there is one available nearby.

Good luck and you are in my prayers.

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