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A poem titled "When The Tide Rushes In" by Heart of Soul

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A poem titled "When The Tide Rushes In" by Heart of Soul

From the moment the Dr tells you that your tumor is cancerous
Your mission is set into motion.
At first, the path which awaits you appears ominous and perilous.
As your mind races without regard to reason in search of a solution

Your mood abruptly sinks to your feet
as your internal compass spins feverishly.
The unknown can be blinding with a future slick as sleet
As you begin to find your footing, you pause nervously

Anticipating the precarious climb ahead
Most of us turn to family, faith, and a close friend
As we look to comfort our trepidation.
our mind hurries to resolve its burden of calculations

For the moment, it seems so surreal, so unfair
As this disease rudely barrels into your carefully crafted world
Your eyes are glazed, unable to retreat from an unblinking stare
You see this new diagnosis as totally absurd
As you reflect on how your life had skated along unimpaired

All of us have a place we gravitate to during difficult times
One such retreat is that adjacent cove at our favorite beach
You venture off to your sacred sanctuary by the shoreline
Briefly, you feel like a child again & build a shrine by the reef

As you create your sand structure with unfettered imagination
You pay attention to every detail and give it a strong foundation
As you stand back and look upon your sculpture
You notice the sun casting a velvety shadow upon its texture
Without warning, the tide rushes in and washes your castle away

After expressing your disappointment coupled with frustration
You show remarkable resiliency and insatiable desire
As you rebuild the sand castle with meticulous dedication
This time however, when the next high tide comes a shore
The castle absorbs the impact boldly and does not buckle anymore

At that moment, you notice the connection between your life & the castle
And choose to focus your heart, soul & mind with courage and unyielding desire
As you vow to triumph over an opposing adversary as you dare to inspire

by Heart of Soul (Steve)
Two time cancer survivor and proud caregiver

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Thank you for sharing....

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