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Kerry S
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Roger, I was very emotional when they had me on those damned steroids. However it did feel good to let some of that crap out. Bottom line, I do better when I am my normal crusty old coot hard *** SOB.

It is folks like you that make me feel guilty in doing good. I do know that you buy into my Attitude Attitude Attitude game plan. It sure as hell is working for me. I want it to work for you. Now get off your *** and go do something productive.

Just keep fighting this crap and you will be around to teach that young boy how to make or repair things he will need in life. For you new folks, Roger is special to me as he is the same age as my youngest son.

Love you kid

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We ALL love you Roger. (Same age as my oldest son, and Kerry and I are fossils.)


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We do all love Roger + I don't have a son but must know someone his age!

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Roger isn't the same age as anyone close to me, but I just love him because he has a kind face. *smiles* Hang in there, dear.


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What's wrong, Roger? I cannot believe you are being depressed/sad/disappointed! Come on! You cannot be sad! You are still around, enjoy life to its fullest. I have no one around your age (but I assume my parents would be around your age) and think of things this way. Your kids would be very sad if they saw their dad being sad! There's nothing worse than seeing your own parent being sad, and giving up. Believe me! I tell you this from my very own experience! I won't go into details, I was brave enough to share it here on the board once, I don't remember when exactly, but could be this summer on June 22...anyway, in a nutshell...please don't be sad! I am not sure what's going on, I guess I missed it (like I miss so many things here on this board) but whatever it is, as my Mom used to say "chin up!" So...chin up, Roger!! Enjoy your Christmas with your family!
Take care,

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I must have missed your post about feeling sad, it is ok to feel sad as long as you do not stay there. So feel how you feel, but then kick yourself in the *** and get back up. Stay strong Roger this board is a better place for you being here.

oh yea and suck it cancer :)

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Roger: I found the thread...well..I'm sorry. It is tough, for sure. But you know what? Buy the tools and put them aside for next Christmas, and say "Damn! That's EXACTLY why I have to be here!!!" And throughout the whole year next year whatever scan results you get, or how crappy you feel because of your treatments you'll just remind yourself that "sorry cancer! Though for you, but I've gotta hang out longer than you wish as I have a Christmas present to give to my 5 year old son". And just shrug your shoulder, no matter how much the cancer wants to win! Show it, that you don't give a s.h.i.t. about what it wants, you have other plans, so the cancer either have to live with you an not hurting you (like a mutual relationship in ecology between plants and some pathogens), or have to leave you completely. And you just keep fighting...and don't bother about bursting into tears at the tool section at HD. I burst into tears basically everywhere when it comes down to me...on the street seeing Christmas decorations, in the restroom in school and then lie that something just got in my eyes, during dinner time and feel I cannot swallow a piece of food without chocking me to death, a song in the radio that brings me back memories, and sometimes just seeing a coat on someone that looks so familiar that I hear my heart beat out loud and me almost running towards and hugging a complete stranger...it all happens. And okay, I was a bit harsh, you CAN be sad, but don't let take over you. Your kids need their happy dad to be around. We don't know what is the future, but have them have good memories of you. And you know what? I say now what you've said to me: if I was your kid, I would very proud of you as a dad. You are a hero! Strong and just being who you are! And yes I understand your "Christmas feeling"...I get it too. Indeed, I catching myself thinking lately more how much I hate Christmas, and how much I really want to just fall asleep and wake up in the middle of January. I want to survive it without tears, but yet, I feel as it is approaching that I'm falling apart again...I try hard, but today I had two times that I almost burst into tears...but I cannot do that! I cannot show Mom this! I don't want her to feel bad! So, I have to stay strong!!! I have to show her that I'm strong! I cannot let myself cry!!! Be strong, be brave, Roger!!!

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