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update g tube is out - "what a long, strange trip it's been"

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Dr Feng said "well, you ready?" and in an instant my buddy, the narrow tube that's kept me hydrated and fed for 8 months, vanished. I kept the tube and will attach it to my other buddy, Mr Rad Mask. I'm thinking feathers and pogo sticks need to be involved somehow, but will leave that up to my artist friend who is going to "do something" with it all.

I can't eat normally for another 24 hours (liquids only until then) but just being able to say that is awesome. Next milestone is the PET (maybe), and then the 3 year marker and then the 5.

Happy Travels!



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Well done friend!
My wife once said that she could never feel that she's really recovered as long as the J tube was still in. Eventually it was removed. At a later stage further surgery and another tube,she managed to maintain her weight adn when one day the tube came loose, she actually yanked it out herself in our bathroom, to my horror , surprise and loving joy!

I look forward to seeing a pic of your "coat of arms".
...and may it stay up on your wall forever never to be used again.
Go well

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Glenna M
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Welcome to the second belly button club!!

Congratulations Mick, hoping to see pictures so we can see how you incorporate the feathers and pogo stick - lol

Stay well,

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just kidding, congrats on your milestone!

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Good news Mick. I was especially glad to hear you could eat after the throat treatments, and thought about you often when I was eating. Had my tube taken out last week also. I hadn't used it in about six weeks. Though I did run water throgh it once daily, it got pretty rank looking from lack of regular use, so I didn't consider its artistic value. LOL

keep improving, Hal

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(Grateful Dead reference)

Congratulations, Mick. The trip likely isn't completely over, but you are definitely on the way home.

I wish you the best.

Take care,


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Best news I have heard all day! Isn't it great to get that thing out of there. So much more comfortable without that thing sticking in your gut.

Congrats, Mick. And you too Hal!

Oh, and P.S. Last night when I went to belly dance class I saw a set of peacock feather ear rings in the art gallery where it's held. I had to purchase them. I know I will think of Joe and every one here whenever I wear them. :) They had a bunch of feathered ear rings but the peacock ones were by far the most beautiful. :)

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Congrats Mick. Enjoy your new bullet hole. Does your artist friend want to do a piece for CSN or something to bring H&N cancer some attention?? Perhaps we can all donate our masks for a major art piece with Gtubes hanging down.Just an idle thought.Maybe it would just scare little kids and future patients. Mangia my friend.

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Great to have that sucker removed. Hubby couldn't keep up with me as I was practically running out the Dr's office once he removed it lol. Way to go!

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That's really great news. When I think of where you came from, it's just really exciting.

Let us know how some of your favorite foods are working out for you when you get back to eating more.

I know Glenn is always happy when something that didn't work a few weeks ago finally tastes good and goes down fairly easily.


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Congrats! Tube removal is a msjor milestone! Hang in there guy!


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Great News Mick! I just had my dr's appt today and he was willing to refer me back to the GI folks to get my tube taken out in the next two weeks. Can't wait for that day!

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Very cool news. Dreaming about the day when mine is gone. Thanks for the hope.


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Mick and Hal,

Congrats gents! Getting depegged was probably my second best day, right after hearing NED.

Keep Truckin', like the do-dah man


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Contrats Mick. I would have never thought about making a piece of artwork from rad mask and feeding tube.
When my husband went thru this 3 years ago, he was not given his mask after completion of rads; this time he was. I suggested to him that he should have used his mask at Halloween to frighten kids at the door but he wasn't up to it. I sure hope he reaches the point that he can take things by mouth again and get rid of the tube.
Best of luck to you!

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Now that hole is gonna itch like crazy while it's healing. I just kept putting Neosporin on mine. It's funny how habits take a long time to break. Even though I didn't have the tube, for two weeks after it's removal I would lift the front of my t-shirt out to take my shirt both on and off. Twas a weird thing to have coming out of the body......but a true life saver.


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Funny how hard it is to break some habits. I still find myself covering my non existent tube when the dog jumps on my lap or when I try and squeeze thru a tight spot, or sometimes when I am cleaning and bend over, or when people get too close to me. Lol. I was so scared of pulling that thing out accidentally. Especially sleeping with my dog. It's so nice that he lay on my belly and chest and sleep on me again. I really missed that.

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D Lewis
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Glad to hear this!


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So happy for you! I know this has been a long journey for you.
Hope the good news keeps coming

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To know the tube is gone is another way your brain deals with the fact that you are getting better and stronger each day.

All the best to you my friend

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