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information needed about interluken 2 and temozolomide

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I am currently stage 4 malignant malinoma that is spreading. I have the two choices of treatment availible and need to make a decision about which to go with.

The temezolanide is a pill that one takes for five days then off for three weeks then five days again. Through the Veterans Hospital, Portland Oregon

The interluken 2 has five day in intensive care in hosipital with three weeks off the five days in intesive care once again. Through Providence Cancer Center, Portland Oregon.

I am currently under the gun to go for one of them.

attemtping to find out as much info as possible

Has anyone done either of those and could provide information it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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My husband is on the IL2 regimen and its hard on him while we are at the hosp the first night is his worse and then it gets better, he comes home after a week in hosp and then is on IV fluids for a week at home but he is still able to get around... He plays with the kids goes off with his friends and has even drove his race car which i was not happy about, but it had the energy for it towards the end of the week at home.... He is currently on his 4 treatment and it has dissipated in his spleen so we hope it does the same for his liver... I hope this helps you out

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I was on temezolanide (temodar)...you really need to do something more aggressive if you want to beat this thing...is it possible to be evaluated at Fred Hutchinson in Seattle for a clinical trial? They probably won't need any insurance to get you in. I went there for a trial using my T cells and they took them to clone...when I returned home to North Dakota my melanoma began growing again( was by my heart) so I went to Mayo and had it removed...so I could no longer do the trial since I had no measurable disease....I am now in the sound twelve week cycle of a vaccine trialat Moffitt Cancer Center using MDX 1106 and 6 peptides every other week...I have been stage 4 NED for 8 months now...
Is Ipi or PLX 4032 ( or combination available to you?)Those two should be your first choice

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