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I haven't been on here for a while, seems like I got busy during the holiday season. But I've got a problem I hope one of you can solve. My mouth burns when I'm brushing my teeth. I've used sensitive, Benetene, crest, colgate and children's toothpaste. By the time I finish brushing my teeth my gums and tongue is on fire and it takes glasses of water to put it out.

Debbie in Arkansas

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My didn't exactly burn, but weren't feeling so good in the mouth especially the gums, so I use the Sensodyne brand, really helps. Hope that helps. Others I'm sure will have better alternatives.
Winter Marie

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My gums burn a bit, but mostly they are sore. I use a really soft toothbrush. I also try to brush several times a day for just a quick minute. Instead of brushing for several minutes like I used to do. Good luck Debbie.

Isn't it weird that fighting a life threatening disease sometimes comes down to trying to figure out how to brush your teeth?

Take Care,

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My dentist prescribed me a low hydrogen peroxide tooth paste. It does not foam as much and it has a higher fluoride content. My dentist also recommended ACT mouth wash. She said it has less alcohol and will not dry out one's mouth as much. (Since most of the anti-nausea drugs dry out one's mucus membranes already.)

Best Always, mike

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