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left tibia
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Hi Long Terms!

Anybody here a long term survivor of Osteosarcoma in the tibia?

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My son is a 10 year survivor of Osteosarcoma of the left tibia. He has had 3 metastatic recurrances and is currently NED (No evidence of recurrent disease).
A good group to join for Osteosarcoma is ACOR List Serve http://www.acor.org/osteo-sarcoma.html and ABC (Adult Bone Cancer) http://www.abc-survivors.net/
My Best.

left tibia
Posts: 6
Joined: Dec 2010

Hi Senta,

Thanks!! I would really love to hear more, especially about his surgery. Is there anywhere I can contact you? Or would your rather go into details here on this site?


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I am a 13 year survivor of Osteosarcoma! I had it in my left tibia. check my blog out www.ialwayswantedtoshavemyhead.blogspot.com or you can send me an email to passingthetest98@aol.com

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