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Vegan diet?

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What kind of diet are you giving your loved one? I have been a vegan for a little over 2 yrs and am now feeding my mom vegan, just because that is what I cook. Mom has always been a meat/dairy eater and never looked at labels and used Raid and other aerosols and poisons and cleaners without thought about it. Her dr didnt put her on any diet restrictions....... so Im just wondering. All the online studies I am finding online are either obviously biased for vegan diet or show only a slight benefit to the vegan or vegetarian population...... Im still looking and studying though.

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There was a post in the colon cancer board regarding this. The consensus was that avoidance of meat didn't have an impact on cancer, because the vegans were not eating enough fiber like the rest of us. The biggest thing was to reduce the amount of red meat and pork as red meat feeds cancer cells and pork is treated with bad chemicals. We use green products because we are afraid that the smell will cause my mom to get sick and the chemicals may cause a rxn while she is on chemo. The other thing is to stay off sugar. I have also heard that animal protein is gpod for healing. I have heard that doctors recommend that eating animal proteins for vegans who are on treatment. They recommend you get off that vegan doiet while on treatment, but most recommend that you eat like Asians little meat lots of veggies.

Hope this helps!

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At home I eat a really healthy grain-based organic diet with a little meat we buy from the farmer. We grow most of our own fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, Mom's system can't take this kind of diet, and what works for her is the beige diet -- low residue easy to digest white things. French toast. Pasta. Baked potatoes. But she loves, craves, gotta have sweets, and I think she'd have problems without them.

When I'm here on caregiver duty, I cook for her and eat a lot of cereal and supermarket salads.

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