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Sitz Baths

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Quick Question, many of you have commented on the fact that Green Tea Sitz Baths were soothing. I have the Domeboro solution but would also like to try this Green Tea thing - how do you make it? How many Tea bags, do you brew this in hot water and let them cool? Or is there a simpler way. Thanks, Sitz baths are my new best friend.

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I found this information on a google search. It would surely work for green tea sitz baths.

"Here is the basic recipe for one sitz bath: Combine two large handfuls of herbs (see below), which is approximately 2 oz., with 2 quarts (just under 2 liters) of water in a pot. None-reactive glass or enamel pots are the best choices for making herbal preparations, but stainless steel will do fine. Cover and bring to a gentle boil. Decoct at a low simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, then pour through a mesh strainer lined with cheesecloth or muslin. Be sure to strain all particulate matter well."

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I haven't tried the Green Tea, but when I was undergoing radiation, my team suggested that I put a couple of tablespoons of regular Mylanta in the sitz bath. It was very soothing. Try it.


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I used black tea. They gave me a receipe but, I just used a small sauce pan, 4 reg size black tea bags, bring to a boil, and then I would cool it down with tap water to a temperature comfortable for me to sit in. I used this multple times a day, at least four if not more.
The docs and nurses were happy with my skin reaction, I was burnt, but able to make it all the way thru with no breaks.

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I never heard of tea and such. I just took warm baths several times a day. While yes I burned from the radiation, the doctors were very pleased with my skin and I never had to take a break either.

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I too found sitz baths to be relief from the itching and burning. I never heard of tea either but...I do know that tea bags sooth swollen eyes (from crying) and burns so maybe there is something to that. I used baking soda (maybe 1/4 cup in my bath water) per my rad oncologist. It does something to the Ph in the water I believe. I also would take a warm or cool (depending on itching or burning) clean washcloth and put it on my bottom area kind of like a pad when I was laying down (had to put a towel underneath me but that was also quite soothing.) My rad oncologist was adamant not to take a break from treatment and watched things closely. I did not have the severe burns others have had so I consider myself lucky in that respect too. Take care. Marilyne

Donna M
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It doesn't matter all that much if the tea is green or black. What matter is the tannic acid in the tea. It is great for burns and cuts, soothes the pain and helps in healing faster. My family has used tea soaks for years, for sunburn, bites to reduce inflammation.

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