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Wishing all of you well....chemo tomorrow.....DAMN!

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Hello All!

Like getting bit by a snake! Had that bad reaction to the oxy stuff last month and now it gives me a complex!

Oh hell...if every day was a good day... you wouldn't know when you had one!!!!!!!!!!!

...anyways....I enjoy these discussions on here...I thought I was the only one that had

SHI* stories!!!!!!!!!!!

Again...wishing you all well...keep going strong...and talk to you all soon...


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Good luck with chemo tomorrow.

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Well, from Ohio, hello a State over (now I live in California, and yes, our weather is beautiful!!! No snow, ice, sleet or snow).
Get your chemo over this week and enjoy the Christmas season next!!!!
And if you need any great sh@t stories, I'm sure we all can come up with a lot more!!!
Merry Christmas my Friend In Pennsylvania!!!
Winter Marie

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Yucky! As a survivor of a copperhead bite, I can understand your pain. *smiles* Hope it goes better this time!


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Good luck with your chemo. Try not to think about the reaction .... I know ... not that easy, I've had a reaction each time except for the last one since they started giving me premeds and half way through meds. I will be hoping for the best for you!

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