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Hes gone

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A few days ago my Grandpa passed away. I was holding his hand when it happened. I held his hand for 8 hours before he passed. I miss him so much. I took care of him for a little more than a year. Christmas is ruined this year, I dont think I can do this without him here. Its funny, I always thought I was taking care of him but it turns out he was taking care of me the whole time. All I can think of is how he always made me smile.
The funeral was yesterday and I still cant believe hes gone. Im still in denial. I keep getting up in the middle of the night to go check on him but hes not there. I keep muting my tv to listen for him and all I hear is an erie quite.
I was able to do one final thing for him and that was to be a paul bearer at the funeral. That was the last thing I did for him but I wish there was more I could of done than that.

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Sounds like you loved your grandpa alot. When you lose someone you love around the holidays they will never be the same. I lost my mom in 89 on Dec. 15 and in 90 my dad passed away on the 28th. Ever since then I've had a hard time with the holidays. Now I lost my husband this past march from lung cancer and so again this is a difficult holiday. I'm sure your grandpa is at peace now & he'll watch over you I"m sure. The last few weeks I've had a peaceful feeling and can actually listen to a Christmas song without crying. I believe that maybe my husband who is now an angel is watching over me and making me feel this way.
Try to remember all the happy times you had with your grandpa. Although every day will get easier we will never forget the ones we loved and lost. Take care! Try to think of Christmas's in the past that you had with your grandpa. "Carole"

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I'm so sorry to hear of your Grandpa's passing. My Grandpa died many years ago from lung cancer. We had so much fun together. At first the hurt was with me every day and then after a while the hurt was replaced by wonderful memories. I'm sure your Grandpa loved you as much as you loved him and I'm also sure he is very proud of you. He's gone from the earth but he's still in your heart. He's looking down at you from heaven right now. Talk to him. He'll be listening.


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I am so sorry for your loss,but know that your graNdpa is with you wherever you go.

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I too am a grandfather and I love it when my grandchildren are here with me. It sounds like you had a very close relationship with your grandfather and that is a wonderful thing. Now that he is sleeping taking his rest don’t be afraid to enjoy your life, I believe that is what he would want you to do, that is what I would want my children and grandchildren to do when I pass on. There is no greater joy in life then our children’s children.

Thank you for taking the time to take care of your grandad

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