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Looking for others who may be survivors of leiomyoscarcoma of the uterus.

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Hi... I was diagnosed with leiomyoscarcoma of the uterus in Sept of 2010. I had a complete hysterectomy, then 28 treatments of radiation to the pelvis. I know it's aggressive and that the statistics for survival is not good. Looking for others in the same situations.

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Try not to look at stats! Everyone and every case is different, and stats don't take into account, lifestyle, overall health, age, eating habits etc.

Did you have a CA125 cancer marker test? What is your number after surgery and radiation?

Hugs and healing.


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Hello Victory2.

Sorry about your diagnosis. If you look on page 7 of this site with regard to a post created by Wing and a Prayer around November 18, 2009 and you may have some information you are looking for.

My best to you.

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Sorry to hear of the reason you came to this site, but know you'll gain much strength and knowledge from others.

I agree, don't get in a tizzy over the statistics. In my case I never asked my doc, but my hubbie did during our first appt....I in turn covered my ears to not listen to docs response.

Sign in my doctors office --


Best to you and plse keep us posted on your progress....

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I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I like you have been diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma.(November, 2008) You are right, it is a rare and aggressive cancer. Has anyone on your medical team suggested chemotherapy as an additional treatment option? I took three months of Gemzar and Taxotere, had 25 external and 3 internal radiation treatments, then three more months of Gemzar and Taxotere. If I may ask, where are you located? There are many reputable treatment facilities that specialize in sarcomas. There is also a leiomyosarcoma site that you may find beneficial. I would agree with the others that have posted.....be careful of statistics. Personally, I like to know what I am dealing with but I refuse to let that information destroy my faith. I could (or you could) be that one person (that one statistic) that defies all others. Hope is our lifeline and I cling to it daily.

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I have had no recurrence and it has been 4 years and 9 months. I am in vibrant health and much happier than I ever was before. If you would like to hear more about my story, search Uterine Leiomyosarcoma - Integrative and Natural Treatments. I've got a Facebook page for ladies with ULMS and the talk is all positive about things that strengthen the immune system and improve your quality of life. Blessings!

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