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First Day of Treatment

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Thanks to all of you for so much information. Today is Dad's first day of radiation and chemo. Tomorrow is the surgery for the feeding tube. I guess we are in full swing now with treatment. I am a little overwhelmed as is Dad....some of it is a surreal feeling. I told him today is the first day in the battle to get better. The physicians seem to be optimistic with his outcome so I am praying that all goes well and NED is in the future.

He is really worried about the effects of the chemo and we are armed with anti-nausea meds when we leave here today.

Again, thanks to all of you for your insight, suggestions and positive messages the past few weeks since the diagnosis. you have all truly been great and I have had many questions answered here.

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I can understand how you feel. My family was in the same place in May. Please tell your dad to follow all of the instructions for the anti-nausea meds. I truly believe that is what prevented my dad from being sick. Also, my dad got down as much water as possible. He was luckly and was able to swallow through the whole treatment. I did always make sure the nurses gave him xtra hydration during chemo. I wish you the best of lucky and always keep us posted and ask all the questions you need.


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Most of my concurrent chemo/radiation time was surreal, and that seemed to make it a bit easier for me. My best friends then were my radiation techs, Joe and Alycia. I saw them everyday, so my trust and confidence in them was important. I had a reaction to the adjunct injections of Amiphostine. I took it twice and was up all night each time. My rad tech Joe said I looked like hell, and I told him I was up all night, unable to stop throwing up. I thought everyone did that. He said tell my doc. I did, Amiphostine stopped and another, older, salivary saver/helper was prescribed, and I immediately improved. So be sure to tell your radiation doc if anything seems severe or pronounced. My treatment went relatively easy, and I bet I'm about your father's age, so I wish both of you the best.


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The whole thing is surreal. Two years-plus removed from the experience, I sometimes still wonder, "Did that really happen?"
The anti-nausea meds they have these days (Emend worked wonders for me) are very effective. I think I threw up twice throughout the whole ordeal. It was the radiation that really knocked me for a loop.
Hang in there, and take care of your dad.

--Jim in Delaware

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One day at a time and before you know it, it will all be over, we will be praying for you both.

Take care of Dad we want to live to spoil the grandchildren.

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I hope everything goes smoothly. I like to hear that the doctor is optimistic! staying positive helps so much. I hope you can find a way to stay positive even when things get going and they get tough...they will be tough at times, but that is when his body will be fighting the hardest. make sure you do some things that are important to you...get out of the house from time to time. sometimes treatment is hardest on the caregiver...you need to take care of yourself...it isn't selfish, it is what needs to be done so you have the strength to help him. go out for a coffee, read a book...there will be times when he is tired...don't just keep working, give yourself a break too. my mom didn't even though I kept telling her i needed her to...then as I was ending my treatment she got so tired and cranky that I had to tell her to just leave for the day...I probably shouldn't have, it left me very weak and I slept for most of two days afterwards, but what she was doing to herself wasn't helping anyone. oh, and a trip to get groceries does not could as time for yourself...neither does a trip to the store to buy something to keep the house running smoothly. Find some one who can come and sit with your dad while you get away. coffee, massage, reading a good book, a night out with some friends...don't lose yourself into the care of your dad...he won't want that to happen anyway! :)
sending you both big hugs! please keep us updated on how he progresses!

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I wish your father much luck!! I am on day 13 out of 33. I am having issues just be prepared. I have mucositis and am on morphine so watch out for it and just tell them exactly what's going on. I'm on these boards constantly looking up info as well as using it! I do almost every suggestion here, seriously. Some work some don't. Just got to find what works for you. Magic Mouthwash is now my best friend. Happy Holidays, Shelly

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I'm right there with you. My first day was also the 14th. Best of luck to your Dad.

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