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Sleeping Bladder

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I had an APR 3 months ago. I am still useing a straight cath to pee, it's getting so old.
The urologist says it can sometimes take 4 or 5 months to wake up the bladder. Has anyone experienced urinary retention? Can you shed some light on this issue? ED will be the next topic but I figure no sence even talking about that until the UR is under control.

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Didn't really have a sleeping bladder but it didn't work right for me for about 5 months after surgery. Kept feeling like there was an infection and they would give me something and it still bothered me. Didn't go much at a time either. Hope you get this resolved.


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Hi Annabelle,
Yeah I have had 3 uti's in 3 months I know what you mean about the uncomfortable feeling that never seems to go away. I'm hoping there is someone that reads these boards that has had the same problem and it got resolved so I can relax and know that eventually I will be normal in the front, because the rear will never be the same.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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I know the feeling of not being able to go...
Not not going but tremendous pressure. My docs all looked at me as if my problem was to be expected.
I found for myself that adding Cranberry juice in any mixture. cran-grape, cran-rasberry, etc became my drink of choice, along with more water seemed to over time ease the pressure and keep the kidneys and bladder flushed.
Also many drinks were tasting wierd anyway.
more input maybe better output

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I am so sorry to hear about your issue I pray that this will pass soon. Sending prayers from Texas back home to Boston. Go Red Sox

Bobby in Dallas

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I haven't had that problem but for the UTIs, cranberry as mentioned in one of the comments here, does really help, kind of keeps them at bay, and helps in the recovery from them.
One of our female secrets.
I hope you get it under control soon hun.
Sorry I can't be of any more assist on the subject.
Winter Marie

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jeez I guess i'm the only one on this board this has happened to. I was told by the uologist it was common with an APR ???? ANYONE out there with this issue????

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Sorry, TMac, but I don't what an APR is and I'm sure there are others who don't either. So far, I haven't heard others jump in and say they've had an APR, so unless a person has had the procedure, it's kind of hard to comment on what it would be like and does everyone have the problem.

Sorry, can't be of any help.


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Hi Cheryl,
Thats funny because the first few weeks on this board I read alot of posts refering to APRand didnt know what they were talking about and then I finally asked and got the answer.
ABDOMINAL PERINEAL RESECTION basically all the junk in my trunk was removed and was given a colostomy. Its quite a rough surgery to recoup from but theres some of us doing it.
thanks for responding even though your not familiar with my issue its nice to meet you.

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Hey Buddy...yes, definitely try regular glasses of cranberry juice. It helps keep things moving, and it keeps UTI's at bay. I had a 'sluggish' bladder after my colostomy (BTW - my surgery was called ALR), but it corrected fairly quickly. Now there are days I wish I could turn it off! LOL! With all the neighboring parts missing, and (sorry, I am a female) no more uterus, my bladder lies down now and when I have to go, I have to go!


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I'm sorry but, I don't have personal experience with the sleeping bladder either. I do know that after my resection (but not peritoneal - rectosigmoid and small bowel for me) that I had to go in spurts and wait as I didn't go just one straight flow. Sort of like men have with an enlarged prostrate. But, it was much better after about a week.

I wish I had some experience to share. How long did the doctor say that you would have to use the cath? Wishing you good luck.

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I didn't have the problem either. Sorry it's lasting so long for you. I'm wondering what your Dr told you about what to expect. If you haven't yet, I think it's time to get back to him with the problem. Have you looked up info on the internet yet for some possible ideas to help? What about another board on here? Maybe there is one that has some ideas. Hope it get's better for you soon.


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My husband developed a 'lazy' bladder which led to a urogenic bladder. He's been cathing himself for over 25 years now. I really hope yours begins to function again soon.

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Thanks for the posts I have an appointment early Jan for an uro-dynamic study which will hopefully tell me if its going to eventually work. The urologist and surgeon both said that it is a fairly common occurance with this surgery however the damage from radiation pre surgery could be exaserbating the problem. I just hope and pray. If it doesnt go away just another item i have to carry with me when i leave the house.

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