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Antidepressant for Ileostomy

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Joined: Jun 2010

Hello Everyone,

Had surgery in Nov. Temporary ileostomy with J Pouch. Started Xeloda chemo yesterday at 3000 mg per day.
Seeing a great therapist and I need antidepressants. Wishing now I had started them before surgery when my onc prescribed them but
I thought I could tough it out. Can you share what antidepressants worked or did not work for you if you had or have an ileostomy?
I've read that some will not work if time released. Thanks for your help.

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Joined: Apr 2009

I have a colostomy,but I'v been taking zoloft,and ativan for two years,and so far they have been working.Good luck.

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If you have an ileostomy, you can not take -any- type of time release
medications or remedies; That's pretty much of an absolute.

Just make certain your care provider knows you have an ileostomy,
and knows what an ileostomy is. Many nurse, etc have no clue regarding
an ileostomy, or the nature of it.

All time release, or any "slow acting", "all day", or "Extended Release"
compounds are useless for, and do not suit, an ileostomate.

You can get info at the UOAA.ORG forum. Look for an individual
called "terry", from the UK. He's very well informed, and can offer

This also has considerable information of value: Ileostomy Articles

I've had one for years, and probably will keep it. There are tricks
and techniques that can be used to make life easier.

There are plenty of us living with these right here, so any questions,
just post 'em..... somebody will answer!

Best health!


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Joined: Nov 2009

I was prescribed Effexor, and I also had an ileostomy. worked great for me.

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My prescription was lorazepan, I took them for about 5 days, but they made me sleepy (great for night time), but I have this ridiculous fear of not waking up in case of fire, so I quit them after 5 days, and haven't tried anything else. Please keep in mind, I've got a paranoia of not waking up, and every individual is different, this may help you out.
Winter Marie

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