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Nasal Congestion

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james chambliss
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So i have been using the NED nasal cleaning solution, which helps. Does any one know how long the congestion last and how long i will be blowing my nose. It's frustrating, but better than being dead. I have dry mouth real bad, but the stoppers 4 helps and i can get by o.k. with that. There are other side affects that still come, but are for the most part going away. Anyway, if you have some info or suggestion on things that may help, let me know. One other thing to all my friends. Have A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!!!

Peace and Love,


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I use 2 to 3 times a day a Sinus Rinse by NeilMed it works great at keeping me clean and breading all day and night, plus removes a lot of the mucus in the nasal area. Also through out the day I use Ocean Nasal Saline Spray. You may want to call and check with your ENT first on using this as with anything you do these days.

Take care and hope you get some help with this.

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My same problems have not continued now for over 14 years, it has slightly gotten better with time. I love Stoppers4 and also use the Ocean nasal spray. My other offer for help is to take a couple showers each day and let the warm water run over your sinus area and help steam, this helps a bunch with clearing the clogged up feeling. Also sleeping with humidifier espy. in the winter helps tremendously.

Good luck and I love your thought that your can get by with your "new normal" if needed. Positive attitude sure does help more than we think.


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I use two packets(per nostril) of neil med sinus rinse twice a day, three times if it is severe. i also use a saline nasal gel if I am sneezing or blowing my nose a lot. I use one that is made by neil med...I used it throughout my radiation treatments. I did okay it with my dr first. there is even a saline gel spray..it goes farther up the nose and lasts longer than Ocean spray does. I also use Mucinex (not the D version) to help loosen the mucous. my dr okayed it as long as it didn't have a decongestant in it...dried things too much! best of luck!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!


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It is very important to keep nasal passages clear as it is too drying to breath by mouth (I am post treatment as of 8/13/10). I use nasal spray and sleep with breathe right strips to help keep the air flowing through my nose.


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