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ear ringing

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Anything to help with the ringing in the ears?


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I have it, have not had a quiet day in months! I want to know too!

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Hi Brad and Pirate John, in the last year and a half I've been all over this. My lady friend got tinnitus before I was diagnosed last November. She got it from a sudden ear infection, and I scoured the net, and eventually went to several ear doctors around the CA central valley. Our quest ended with a wizard of ears in Palo Alto who confirmed she had tinnitus, and said there were big things on the horizon. Haven't heard from him since.

My high, clear, whining started with intermittant tinnitus in either ear, at about 4 months post treatment, and is constant today. Briefly, tinnitus from chemo is selective, doesn't happen to everyone. Cisplatin has a high incidence of hearing/tinnitus side effects. It can be temporary, or more or less permanent, or severe. Damage to the "ear hairs"--not cilia--are generally the root cause. We all have the noise, but receptors in most peoples brains and ears tune it out. You will find herbal cures, snake oil, vitamin programs and other fixes, most of which will not work. There is no known medical cure, although; there is a current rx pill being marketed in France that is now on trial in the U.S. So, there is hope, there are people working on it.

I don't wan't to make an overlong post, so email me if I can answer any questions for you or any others suffering with this one. While at the computer, you can try a sound masker that works for me at www.simplynoise.com to get a bit of relief. I also have a purchased sound masker on my computer.

best, Hal

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Cisplatin caused partial deafness in my left ear & also a constant ringing. I had an ear
infection three week's ago & I could hear my pulse it drove me crazy. Once the infection
went away It went back to a quiet ringing. I read that loud noise, music & caffiene can
make it start up again. It is alway's with me but I have learned to ignore it a tad better.

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I have no idea if this would work or not.....
my son has suffered for several years with restless leg syndrome. Being so young, we did not want to put him on medication. Searching the internet, I found a company called "Nature's Inventory". They sell organic oils for just about everything you can imagine. I have no idea how they work but the Restless Leg oil worked for my son.
My point is, I remember seeing that they had a product for Ringing Ears as well. They are only about $15 so you haven't lost much if it doesn't work.

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I am in to using Oils will look it up.

Thanks for the tip

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The only relief I get is when I go for a walk and crank my headphones. Doesn't seem to be any worse afterward so i just enjoy the music. One thing that doesn't help is earplugs. Just seems to concentrate the noise. Audio tech told me it was most likely temporary as is the hearing loss I've suffered. We'll see. Hopefully yours is.

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