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Ampullary cancer

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My boyfriend was told he had pancreatic cancer, obviously we were devistated. he went through the whipple procedure and after the whipple the pathologist examined it and found it to be ampullary cancer, which from what we understand a much better prognosis, none of his lymph nodes were effected, but they gave him radiation and chemo, he is now done with the radiation but he is still going through the chemo, the drs said they want to treat it as if it is pancreatic cancer they want to give him the chemo so it does not come back, he has already had 2 months of chemo, now he will be starting up again this week, going once a week after about 2 months they are going to give him a scan but as far as they know they got it all out, and there is nothing there but like i said they are just treating it aggressivly and giving him the chemo just so it will not come back, he is actually handling the chemo very well... he has not gotten sick from it at all so far, he is just very tired, it takes alot out of him but other than that he is handling it well.
i am looking for anyone here that might have similar stories or know people with ampullary cancer that can tell us anything about it and their experiences.
he is currently taking pancreatic enzymes but they dont seem to be helping the Dr is supposed to call him sometime today to discuss this, he eats REALLy well but so far not really gaining anything, he used to be a big guy he is 6'3" weighed 278lbs he is now down to approx 200lbs.. anyone have any ideas on how he can gain weight? or will that just come after all the treatments and all?
if anyone on here can give us some tips we'd appreciate it, like maybe he should or shouldnt eat certain things? (etc)

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I was wondering how he is doing since you last posted?

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