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chemo Sucks!

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I'm not too sure if I'm thankful I woke up this morning, I'm thinking chemo sucks!!!! I had my first treatment on Thursday. Friday night I couldn't sleep, so I took one of the sleeping pills my onc prescribed ( Doxepin) Whoa, did it knock me out. I slept ALL day yesterday, and I'm in an ugly fog today. Nothing smells right, nothing tastes right. Everything tastes like rusted metal. I'm so tired, and my body hurts. I would cry but I'm afraid that would hurt to. Please Dear God someone tell me this gets better.

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Yep, it will get better. Maybe next time take 1/2 dose of sleeping pill. Sleep is good. Drink anything that tastes not too much like crap. Ginger ale finally worked for me. I bet you will feel better Tuesday and Wednesday you will feel really good, comparatively.

Did you get neulasta or neupogin shot? If so, maybe that's why your bod hurts. Some ladies recommend claritin, I did motrin.

This too, shall pass.

Take care, Cindy

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how you were doing?
I had a rough time all through my chemo because I was allergic, I really never here anyone mention that they had it as bad as I...(Yuck)
I do know that you will feel better and you will get through this.
Your in my prayers sweetie, make sure you get plenty of rest and drink fluids, listen to your body.
Keep us updated.
Hugs Karie

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So sorry that the chemo is so awful for you. Praying that it will get easier somehow.

Hugs, Leeza

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Jean 0609
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Yes, chemo does suck. Sorry you are having a hard time. Just try to think positive, that one chemo is done. My "crash" day was the third day after my chemo. After the first one, I just planned to do nothing that day but lay around and sleep. Lucky for me I started feeling better the next day. My taste buds were really bad after the first treatment for me, but did get better. Try using plastic forks and spoons instead of regular silverware, that might help. Even if nothing tastes good, just drink whatever you can tolerate. You still need to drink, drink, drink! Sending you a big cyber hug to help you feel better. Hugs, Jean

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Yep, it sucks. I have to remind myself that this is killing the cancer to get through it, and that for me it is the only way.

I drink the Carnation instant breakfast...fluids, nutrients, and protein all in one. Also for me, starches worked...baked potato, mashed potato, rice, etc. As everyone else has said, keep pushing the fluids. I drink icy cold Smart Water, it has less taste for me and also has electrolytes.

I hope this helps...and you will feel better soon!



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When I was going through chemo, I posted on being a chemo failure. I did not do well with it, but I did it. And so will you. I think the first one is an assault and your body say "What the...." thrn you learn how your body reacts and you plan for it. Then you just count them off, one at a time. We can do it because we are strong resilient women!!!
I did not have an appetite at all. first time in my life I had to say, "now its time to eat" and make myself eat. Now I get it when people say they dont care to eat. I often say they should market a component of the chemo, that turns your taste buds off, they would make a mint on the weight loss market!!!!

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I was fortunate and didn't need chemo. I am so very sorry that chemo is so bad for you. I pray that it will get better for you. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there!

Sue :)

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jo jo
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Oh Texasgirl i sure do feel for ya right now...yes it sux and yes it will get better...just hang in there girl!

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Cancer sucks....chemo is a hard journey but you can get through it! You did not say how many cycles you will need. I remember being brought to my knees by chemo...but also knowing I just had to do it and get through the tunnel. We are all here for you...sending you hugs and understanding. Usually each cycle you will have a couple/few bad days and then things will improve. We are all different and the side effects are different for all of us...but remember, you can get this done! It is a hard journey, but doable. Drink lots of water and rest, take care of yourself.......... hugs hugs hugs......

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Posts: 4554
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cave diver did you ever think you would be on the other side saying this? yay!

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it definitely is not a walk in the park. I was ok the day of chemo and the next day when I would get my Neulasta shot. 2 days later all I did was sleep and take meds for bone pain. Drink lots! If water tastes bad flavor it or drink gingerale. You will find what works for you. Wishing you a fast recovery to get through your chemo. Remember you have finished one!
{{hugs}} Char

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Chemo sucks for sure, but it is doable. My worst days on AC was the 3rd day after treatment. I would feel really bad, slept a lot, food did not taste good and the about 2 days later I would begin to feel a bit better. Then do it all over again. I had very good anti nausea drugs. I was on a drug called emend. I took this drug before each treatment. Sleep when you can, eat what ever you think you can and drink as much as you can. Gingerale was all I could handle. I also lived on Vanilla waffers, crackers and patatoes. Everyone is different, do what your able to, just make sure you take in fluids. Good luck, this is not forever. Hugs

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Cancer just plain sucks...

Sue :(

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Posts: 668
Joined: Nov 2010

Thanks everyone. I'm feeling a little better this evening. My husband got me some gatoraide and that is working for the moment with the rusted metal taste. I can't seem to concentrate either. I feel like I have a bad case of ADHD. I've also noticed that my temper is short today. Is that normal?

Boppy_of_6's picture
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Joined: Apr 2010

The foggy feeling and not being able to concentrate sounds normal to me. I hate to tell you this but that feeling does sorta hang around for a while. We call it chemo brain. I will say though that during tx it was worse for me after the first tx than the others. I was a little short tempered but I assumed it was from the lack of sleep and just feeling yuck. God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

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My husband would ask what I wanted for dinner? My response "Ican't taste anyway, but I know I have to eat!" However, you will make it through this, the medicine hangover is the worst! Give me a regular hangover anytime!

Peace and Love,

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Megan M
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Joined: Dec 2009

No chemo for me, but, from what I have read and heard, you are right. Chemo must suck. I am sorry for how you feel and hope you feel better soon.

Hugs, Megan

Mama G
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Joined: Nov 2009

but think about the people who can't have chemo for one reason or another and are forced to do nothing about the cancer. We are blessed to have this artillery to battle this horrible disease. Yes it's horrible, but it is doable. Next time you're doing the chemo make sure to chew ice during the process, it seems to help the mouth problems somewhat. Also see if chewing small pieces of fruit (apples or bananas worked best for me) help. Definitely the
ginger ale and crackers helped a lot, too. Good luck and God bless. Keep writing on here. Everyone has been through it or is going through it and we all would love to help you out in any way we can. God bless, Lorraine

Jean T. Szabo
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How are you today Texasgirl? The aches and pains any better? For me they start the night after the Neulasta shot. Every bone in my body would hurt. Taking Extra Strength Tylenol seemed to help for the aches and pains. Baths with Epsom salt helped somewhat. Chemo for me is on Tuesday, Neulasta shot on Wednesday. The Steroids give me insomnia; can't sleep; Onc prescribed Xanax which helps me sleep. The "foggy head" or "Chemo brain" goes away in about two days. By Monday of the following week usually feel better. I don't make any plans for the week following Chemo. Make yourself as comfortable as possible; don't pressure yourself to make any decisions that are important for the Chemo week. Don't worry about housework; taking care of yourself will have to come first. Eat small meals, snacks throughout the day as you feel like it; drink lots of liquids, juices, water, etc. It is an emotional roller coaster. Remember telling my Onc. "Chemo sucks!"..he said yes it does but it is necessary. There are support groups usually at the Cancer Centers. There is also a "Look Good Feel Better" program at most Cancer Centers. My last Chemo, #4 is next Tuesday. Accepting prayers.

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Hang in there. I'm so sorry you're feeling like this. It will get better and in the meantime, just remember that it's killing the beast.


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