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Im three weeks into radiation & chemo, my hair has'nt fallen out yet, but I woke up with it completly matted, & had to cut it all off.!!! This sound familiar to anyone????? I'm devastated!!!

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Hello, and welcome sorry you have to be here. I did have thinning of my hair, but I did not wake up with it matted. When my hair started to thin I went ahead and cut it so it wouldn't keep shedding all over. I always wanted a short hair cut but never knew this would be the way I had one, as I had long hair all my life and was chicken to cut it. I completed treatment on 6-30-09, and have had a full head of hair for over a year. The hair does come back, and from other posters I've read where their hair has come back even better. I wish you well Lori.

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This was not my experience. My hair started falling out on day 21 and I lost approximately half of my hair in patches all over my head. That was 28 months ago and I now have hair just like I had before treatment. I'm sorry this is so upsetting to you--I can understand. The good news is, it does grow back.

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I bought a wig as soon as I was dx'd and then never lost my hair! It did thin alot....and I was shedding all over the house!! It grew back I swear TWICE as thick!!
I know it's such a shock initially, but believe it or not....it ends up not being such a big deal. Our priorities shift so much.
Hang in there.....American Cancer Society has free wigs at various hospitals. Grab a girlfriend and go try some on for fun! It will make you feel better just knowing you have something if you need/want it!

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I never lost my hair..It thinned,but I was the only one who noticed..My hair came back and is now thick again...I am 28 months NED. Good Luck..you will be fine. Hugs ...alyse

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Chemo is hard on the hair. I had cut mine short before treatment, but the very first day I received my first dose of Chemo, my hair started thinning. It drove me nuts having it fall in my eyes, and mouth. I did go in and had my head shaved. My hair did grow back on the very top, but the sides and back remained bald. I had ordered a soft hat from the cancer society before my treatment, between that and some very soft flannel hats that were made and donated at my onc. office became my best friends for the next few months.

It is very hard to watch these things happen to ourselves, but just know that once this is all over your hair will grow back.

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Hi...I'm sorry about your hair - I did not have the matting issue but I did have a lot of thinning out. My hair was already short and I think that helped in not noticing the thinning as much until later in treatment. I even let it go gray (actually was afraid if I dyed it more would fall out!). I'm only about 4 months out from treatment and do not notice much regrowth yet but from the sounds of it with other members on the forum, it does grow back and even better. I know this is a difficult road right now to be on but I can tell you, once treatment is over, it does get better. Hang in there, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Marilyne

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i am sorry that you are so sad about your hair. I lost a lot of mine in patches but i was in so much pain in the anal area that because it did not hurt as it was falling out , i did not really care that much. I am 16 months post and it has come back . it will come back.

lil lady
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I lost my hair starting about the 3rd week of treatment.. and I wore a wig.... it grew back real curly at first but after about a few hair cut it is just mildly wavy. it is much thicker now and more body, also my color came back a little darker.

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Lil Lady, I lost my hair too (don't let them tell you no one loses their hair completely on 5FU!), and it came back darker. I am a redhead, but my hair is now more dk reddish brown - until I visit my hair stylist! LOL! I wore scarves and hats...wigs bothered me. Luckily it came back rapidly.

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Hi...I posted a picture on expressions which is me, three months after finishing treatment.As you can see...I didn't loose my hair..It thinned a little.I am now 28 months NED...Hugs ..alyse

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